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Also known as Zillertaler Schürzenjäger
Origin Tyrol, Austria
Genres Volksmusik
Pop music
Years active 1973–2007, 2011–
Labels Tyrolis
BMG Ariola
Members Stefan "Stevy" Wilhelm (Vocals)
Alfred Eberharter (Bass guitar, accordion)
Alfred Eberharter Jr. (Percussion, drums, bass)
Andreas Marberg
Johannes Hintersteiner
Georg Daviotis
Past members Peter Steinlechner (1973–2007)
Willi Kröll (1973-2000)
Freddy Pfister (1987-1998)
Patrick Cox (1989–2007)
Günter Haag (1992-1996)
Florian Leis-Bendorff (1996-2005, deceased)
Christian Dzida (1995-1999, deceased)
Christof von Haniel (2001–2007)

The Schürzenjäger, formerly Zillertaler Schürzenjäger, are one of the most successful bands of Austria. (Literally translated, a Schürzenjäger is a "apron hunter": Schürze = apron, Jäger = hunter) The band was founded in 1973; according to the band history, they were named "Schürzenjäger" by a female bartender in Austria during a concert, when they didn't have a band name.

While they started out playing traditional music with modern instruments, their style developed over the years to incorporate folk music, Pop music, and Rock music. One of their first big hits was the "Zillertaler Hochzeitsmarsch", a modern interpretation of a traditional folk dance melody. From then on they began to introduce more rock elements, inspired by their new (1990) drummer Patrick Cox. After "Zillertal Hochzeitsblues (1990)" they moved to the wider German audience under Montana (Later BMG Ariola) in 1991.

With their commercial success, the "Schürzenjäger" became the epitome for filling the gap between rock and "Volksmusik" in Austria, establishing the genre of "Alpen Rock" (Alpine Rock). The folk music community, however, saw the success of the "Zillertaler Hochzeitsmarsch" not as a success but as an abuse of traditional music.

The Schürzenjäger regularly ended their tours with the biggest open-air concerts in Austria. Since 1988 these concerts, called "Alpen Air" (a pun of "Alpen" and "Open Air"), were played every other year. From March to July 2007, the Schürzenjäger went on tour for the last album "Lust auf mehr". This was the final tour with the lineup around band leader Steinlechner, culminating in the traditional "Alpen Air" in Finkenberg, Zillertal on Saturday 21 July 2007. The Eberharters then founded their own band, the "Hey Mann! Band" (HM!B), which performed Schürzenjäger songs live, an album was also recorded.

On 3 May 2011 the comeback and a new album of the Schürzenjäger was announced for September 2011, before that an open-air concert will stage on 6 August in Finkenberg. The band consists of the Hey Mann! Band members Stevy (Stefan Wilhelm, vocals), Johannes Hintersteiner, Andreas Marberger, Georg Daviotis and the Eberharters, the last being the only members of the old Schürzenjäger lineup. According to the band, former band leader Steinlechner doesn't want to get back on stage, save for a few guest appearances now and then. Cox and von Haniel are already busy with other projects.


Studio albums as "Zillertaler Schürzenjäger"[edit]

  • 1977 Die Zillertaler Schürzenjäger
  • 1978 Aber heut geht's auf (But today we're off)
  • 1979 Grüne Tannen (Green fir trees)
  • 1983 Ich habe Dir zu danken (I have to thank you)
  • 1983 Ohne Jodeln geht die Zenzi nicht gern schlafen (Without yodelling Zenzi doesn't like to go to sleep)
  • 1984 10 Jahre Zillertaler Schürzenjäger (10 years of Zillertaler Schürzenjäger)
  • 1984 Fata Morgana (released under the band name "WAP die Schürzenjäger")
  • 1987 Sierra Madre
  • 1990 Zillertaler Hochzeitsblues (Zillertal Wedding Blues)
  • 1991 Zillertaler Schürzenjäger '92
  • 1992 Teure Heimat (Dear homeland)
  • 1993 Typisch Schürzenjäger (Typical Schürzenjäger)
  • 1993 A Weihnacht wie's früher war (Christmas as it used to be)
  • 1995 Glory-Hallelujah!!

Studio albums as "Schürzenjäger"[edit]

  • 1996 Träume sind stärker (Dreams are stronger)
  • 1997 Homo erectus
  • 1998 25 Jahre Schürzenjäger (25 years of Schürzenjäger)
  • 1999 Es hört nie auf (It never ends)
  • 2001 Treff' ma uns in der Mitt'n (Let's meet in the middle)
  • 2002 Tu's jetzt! (Do it now!)
  • 2004 Hinter dem Horizont (Beyond the horizon)
  • 2005 Weihnachten miteinander (Christmas together)
  • 2006 Lust auf mehr (Desire for more)
  • 2007 Schürzenjäger 2007 - Das Beste zum Abschied (Schürzenjäger 2007 - The Best Of for the farewell)
  • 2016 Das Beste vom Besten (The Best of the Best)
  • 2017 Herzblut (Heartbolld)

Live albums[edit]

  • 1990 Live Folge 1 - Finkenberg Mitschnitt (Live Volume 1 - Finkenberg Recording)
  • 1990 Live Folge 2 - Finkenberg Mitschnitt (Live Volume 2 - Finkenberg Recording)
  • 1994 20 Jahre Zillertaler Schürzenjäger - Rebellion in den Alpen (20 years of Zillertaler Schürzenjäger - Rebellion in the Alps) - (Live concert from Vienna during 1993 tour)
  • 2003 30 wilde Jahre (30 wild years)
  • 2013 Es Ist Wieder Schürzenjägerzeit - Live


  • 1996 Karaoke

VHS video[edit]

  • 1990 Live - Finkenberg Mitschnitt
  • 1992 Schürzenjägerzeit (Schürzenjäger Time) (accompanies "Schürzenjäger '92")
  • 1994 20 Jahre Zillertaler Schürzenjäger - Rebellion in den Alpen (20 years of Zillertaler Schürzenjäger - Rebellion in the Alps)
  • 1996 Träume sind stärker (Dreams are stronger)
  • 1998 25 Jahre Schürzenjäger - Open Air Walchsee '97(25 years of Schürzenjäger - Open Air Walchsee '97)
  • 2001 Draußen in der Heimat (Outdoors at Home) (accompanies "Treff' ma uns in der Mitt'n")
  • 2002 Tu's jetzt! (Do it now!) (accompanies "Tu's Jetzt!")

DVD video[edit]

  • 2002 Tu's jetzt! (Do it now!) (accompanies album "Tu's jetzt!")
  • 2003 30 wilde Jahre (30 wild years) - (Live concert from Finkenberg during 2003 Tour)
  • 2006 Hinter dem Horizont - LIVE (Live concert from Cologne during the 2005 Tour)
  • 2007 Schürzenjäger 2007 - Das Beste zum Abschied (Schürzenjäger 2007 - The Best Of for the farewell - Finkenberg Open Air 2007)


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