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The entry of the Schaerbeek Cemetery in Evere (Brussels)
The tomb of the painter René Magritte and his wife, in the Schaerbeek Cemetery.

Schaerbeek Cemetery, (French: Nouveau Cimetière de Schaerbeek, Dutch: Nieuw kerkhof van Schaarbeek), is a cemetery belonging to the municipality of Schaerbeek (Brussels) and where the inhabitants of Schaerbeek have the right to be buried. It is not located in Schaerbeek itself; rather it is partially in the neighbouring municipality of Evere, and partially in the village of Sint-Stevens-Woluwe in the municipality of Zaventem in Flemish Brabant. The cemetery is adjacent to Brussels Cemetery but should not be confused with it.

Schaerbeek Cemetery is surrounded by avenue Jules Bordet, rue d'Evere and Kleine Eversweg. The entry is in Evere on avenue Jules Bordet.

Immediately to the west of the cemetery, and separated from it by a walkway, is the cemetery of the municipality of Evere.[1]

Notable burials in Schaerbeek Cemetery[edit]


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Coordinates: 50°52′15″N 4°25′12″E / 50.8708°N 4.42°E / 50.8708; 4.42