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County of Schaesberg
Grafschaft Schaesberg (de)
Graafschap D'r Sjeet (li)
Graafschap Schaesberg (nl)
State of the Holy Roman Empire
Life span?
Capital Schaesberg
Government Principality
Historical era Middle Ages
 •  Established Unknown Enter start year
 •  Kasteel Schaesberg* built 1570
 •  Occupied by France 1794–1815
 •  Property confiscated by
    the Dutch state after World War II
September 1944
 •  Disestablished Unknown Enter end year
* See articles on Dutch and German Wikipedias
Church of Saints Peter and Paul

Schaesberg (Limburgish: D'r Sjeet) is a town in the municipality of Landgraaf in the Dutch province of Limburg.

Schaesberg was a separate municipality until 1982, when it merged with Nieuwenhagen and Ubach over Worms to form the new municipality Landgraaf.[1]


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Coordinates: 50°54′N 6°01′E / 50.900°N 6.017°E / 50.900; 6.017