Scharfenstein (Lusatian Mountains)

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Scharfenstein (Sharp Stone)
The Scharfenstein (Sharp Stone) with staircase to the look-out
Highest point
Elevation 569.4 m (1,868 ft)
Coordinates 50°50′27″N 14°45′29.5″E / 50.84083°N 14.758194°E / 50.84083; 14.758194Coordinates: 50°50′27″N 14°45′29.5″E / 50.84083°N 14.758194°E / 50.84083; 14.758194
Location Saxony, Germany
Mountain type Sandstone

The Scharfenstein (English: Sharp Stone) is a rock and about 25 metres high, situated in the Lusatian Mountains. It sits on a mountain with an elevation of 569 metres in the German southeastern state of Saxony. Due to its distinctive shape it is also called the "Upper-Lusatian Matterhorn" by the locals. The rock can be accessed via ladders and a staircase from the south and is one of the most famous look-outs in the Zittau Mountains.


View from the peak of mount Scharfenstein to the town of Oybin and mount Lausche