Schattenberg Ski Jump

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Skisprungschanze oberstdorf.JPG
Location Oberstdorf
Coordinates 47°24′20″N 10°17′34″E / 47.40556°N 10.29278°E / 47.40556; 10.29278Coordinates: 47°24′20″N 10°17′34″E / 47.40556°N 10.29278°E / 47.40556; 10.29278
Opened 1946
Renovated 2003
K–point K-90
Hill size HS100
Hill record Slovenia Rok Benkovič
(102.0 m in 2005)
Norway Sigurd Pettersen
(143.5 m in 2003)
Top events
World Championships 1987, 2005, 2021

Schattenbergschanze is a ski jumping hill located in Oberstdorf, Bavaria, Germany. The hill has held two FIS Nordic World Ski Championships and has served as the opening round of the Four Hills Tournament on 30 December every year since 1952. It should not be confused with another venue in Oberstdorf, the Heini-Klopfer ski flying hill, about 7 kilometres to the south.