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Reconstruction (scale model) of Schauenberg castle

Schauenberg is a hill and ruined castle near Turbenthal, canton of Zurich, at 892m. There were fortifications since the Iron Age, and since the early 13th century, there was a wooden structure, in the 1250s extended to a massive keep. The fortress was destroyed in 1344. From 1622, Zurich maintained a system of beacons as a warning system, and signals from Schauenberg could be seen at Schnabel (Albis), Pfannenstiel, Tämbrig (above Hermatswil), Uetliberg, Lägern, Zürichberg, Mörsburg, Kyburg, Stammheimerberg and even Hohenklingen.


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Coordinates: 47°27′36″N 8°51′58″E / 47.46000°N 8.86611°E / 47.46000; 8.86611