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Schaukelgraben Liebertwolkwitz.jpg
The exit to the underground passage of the Schaukelgraben below the road and railway line in Liebertwolkwitz
Location Leipzig, Saxony,  Germany
Physical characteristics
Main source south of Liebertwolkwitz
152 m
51°15′48″N 12°27′33″E / 51.26332°N 12.45911°E / 51.26332; 12.45911Coordinates: 51°15′48″N 12°27′33″E / 51.26332°N 12.45911°E / 51.26332; 12.45911
River mouth east of Liebertwolkwitz
136 m
51°17′05″N 12°29′23″E / 51.28485°N 12.48980°E / 51.28485; 12.48980
Length 3.46 km [1]
Basin features
Progression Pösgraben → Parthe → White Elster → Saale → Elbe → North Sea
River system Saale

The Schaukelgraben is a stream in Saxony, Germany.


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