Scheduled Castes Federation

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Scheduled Castes Federation
शेड्युल्ड कास्ट्स फेडरेशन
Founder Dr. B. R. Ambedkar
Founded 1942
Preceded by Independent Labour Party
Succeeded by Republican Party of India
Ideology Anti-Brahminism
Dalit nationalism

Scheduled Castes Federation (SCF) was a political party in India. SCF was founded by Dr. Ambedkar in 1942 to fight for the rights of the Dalit community.[1] SCF was the successor organization of the Independent Labour Party led by Ambedkar.

SCF later evolved into the Republican Party of India.

There was also a party called SCF in Pakistan after Partition. Ramnarayan Rawat stated that the SCF "created the space for an alternative to Congress-type 'nationalist' politics in post- 1947 Uttar Pradesh".[2]

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