Scheggia Pass

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Scheggia Pass
Scheggia Pass is located in Alps
Scheggia Pass
Scheggia Pass
Location of Scheggia Pass
Elevation632 m (2,073 ft)
RangeUmbrian Apennines
Coordinates43°24′20″N 12°39′30″E / 43.40556°N 12.65833°E / 43.40556; 12.65833Coordinates: 43°24′20″N 12°39′30″E / 43.40556°N 12.65833°E / 43.40556; 12.65833

The Scheggia Pass is a pass in Italy that marks the division between the Central and Northern Apennines. It is in northern Umbria and lies between Gubbio and Cagli at 632 meters.

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