Scheherazade, Tell Me a Story

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Scheherazade, Tell Me a Story
Ehki ya shahrazade Poster.jpg
Directed byYousry Nasrallah
Produced byMisr Cinema Company
Screenplay byYousry Nasrallah
StarringSawsan Badr Mahmoud Hemeda Rehab El Gamal Hassan El Raddad Mona Zaki
Music byTamer Karawan
CinematographySamir Bahsan
Edited byMona Rabi
Release date
24 June 2009
Running time
135 minutes
Box office12,200,000

Scheherazade, Tell Me a Story (Arabic: إحكي يا شهرزاد‎, translit. Ehki ya shahrazade) is a 2009 Egyptian film. The film Was Showing on 60 cinemas on Egypt at last of June 2009


Cairo nowadays. Hebba hosts an evening political talk show on Sun TV. Karim, her husband, is the deputy director of a newspaper that backs the Government; he dreams of soon being the director. However, it is made clear to him that his wife’s political opinion’s, that lean towards the opposition, are poorly received and could cost him his promotion. Using his charm and sex as tools, he convinces Hebba to choose social themes that will not affect the Government.


The most notable theme in the film is female support and community. As Hebba is able to reach out to more women to be interviewed on her show, Hebba develops a connection with the female community. Hebba ends the movie surrounded by women, and ready to stand up for herself against her husband's abuse. There is also the theme of globalisation and its effects as seen in scenes, such as the one where Hebba and Karim are having lunch and are constantly distracted by the loud horn of the cruise ship behind them. In addition, we see glimpses of the female-on-female gaze. As Hebba is on the train with Selma, she receives many critical stares from the women in traditional dress. Hebba eventually feels so uncomfortable and takes the scarf she is offered to cover herself. Similarly, Karim experiences the male-on-male gaze. He is often seen flattering other men, who are his seniors as he wants to be the next editor-in-chief. He feels the pressure of his colleagues expecting him to attain this promotion. However, when he is told he did not receive it, his embarrassment becomes rage and leads to his abuse of Hebba.


  • Venice Festival 2009
  • Festival de los Tres Continentes (Nantes), Francia 2009