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The Schell Leather Company (Schell Leather Goods or Schell Leather Goods Company or Schell Inc.[1]) is a manufacturer of leather (originally), plastic, vinyl, nylon, and synthetic material[1] goods originally based in Cincinnati, Ohio founded by Albert and Charles J. Schell[2][3] from 1865 or 1870[1] (or at least 1901[4] or 1925[5]) to at least 1985.[1]

The factory building was at 1015 Race Street in 1929[6] and moved to a 2-story 100x100' building at 2965 Central Parkway[7] from as early as 1931 (beginning construction by Parkway Construction Co. at a cost of about $70,000)[8] or 1938[9] to at least 1959,[10] and moved again sometime between 1959-62 to 242 West McMicken Avenue[11] until at least 1967.[12] The company relocated to St. Petersburg, Florida in 1980.[1][13]

Charles Schell was connected with the company for about 35 years as general manager and operator and buyer of bag and case leather.[4] In 1968, Stephen Hahn acquired the company from the Schell family and became president.[1] Hahn expanded Schell's holdings by acquiring a Chicago plastic-case producer and relocated its manufacturing operations to St. Petersburg, Florida, where the company's annual sales doubled to about $6.5 million.[1] The company also owns Action Leathercraft, Inc. in Commerce, California; subsidiaries include Allstate Custom Cases and Lords Business Cases.[1]

Patents and trademarks[edit]

Charles J. Schell was an inventor who patented at least five devices:

  • Brief case (1929, patent #D78901)[2][14]
  • Flat-opening case (1934, patent #1985521)[3]
  • Lock mechanism (1941, patent #2242550)[15]
  • Lock structure (1942, patent #2293363)[16][17][18]
  • Strap lock (1943, patent #2320014)[19]

In 1947, "Emdee" was trademarked (which expired in 1988) by Schell Leather Goods Co., Inc.[20]



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