Scherzo No. 2 (Chopin)

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Frederic Chopin - scherzo no. 2 in b flat minor, op. 31

The Scherzo No. 2 in B-flat minor, Op. 31 is a scherzo by Frédéric Chopin. The work was composed and published in 1837, and was dedicated to Countess Adèle Fürstenstein. Schumann compared this scherzo to a Byronic poem, "so overflowing with tenderness, boldness, love and contempt." According to Wilhelm von Lenz, a pupil of Chopin, the composer said that the renowned sotto voce opening was a question and the second phrase the answer: "For Chopin it was never questioning enough, never soft enough, never vaulted (tombe) enough. It must be a charnel-house."[1] Huneker exults, "What masterly writing, and it lies in the very heart of the piano! A hundred generations may not improve on these pages."[1]


The beginning is marked Presto and opens in B flat minor. However, most of the work is written in D flat major or A major. The opening to the piece consists of two arpeggiated pianissimo chords, and after a moment's pause, goes into a set of fortissimo chords, before returning to the quiet arpeggiated chords. The piece then goes to an arpeggio section which leads to the con anima.

In popular culture[edit]

The piece is heard in the Woody Woodpecker episode "Musical Moments".


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