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Schibsted ASA
Traded asOSE: SCH
IndustryMass media
Founded1839; 179 years ago (1839)
HeadquartersOslo, Norway
Key people
Rolv Erik Ryssdal (CEO), Ole Jacob Sunde (Chairman)
RevenueNOK 15,232 million (2013)[1]
OwnersForeign banks (> 30%)
Government Pension Fund of Norway (6.24%)
NWT Media AS (3.7%)
Number of employees

Schibsted Media Group is an international media group that owns some of the largest newspapers in Sweden and Norway. It is also one of the world’s leading online classified ads businesses, and is active in 22 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. The company has its headquarters in Oslo, Norway, and is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

Schibsted's largest shareholder is Blommenholm industrier (25,1%), which is controlled by the Tinius Trust.[3] Norwegian owners held a mere 42% of the shares at the end of 2015.[4] International investment banks hold a significant amount of the votes.[5][6]

Rolv Erik Ryssdal became CEO of Schibsted on 1 June 2009.[7] CFO is Trond Berger. EVP Communications & CSR is Lena K Samuelsson.[8]


In 1839 Christian Michael Schibsted founded the publishing company Schibsted Forlag and in 1860 he started publishing Christiania Adresseblad, from 1885 known as Aftenposten. In 1966 Schibsted acquired VG.

In 1989, under the leadership of Tinius Nagell-Erichsen, Schibsted went from being a family-owned company to a corporation, and was listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange in 1992.


In 2017, Schibsted has approximately 7,300 employees worldwide. The company is a major player in 13 European countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Italy, Hungary and Belarus), two Asian countries (Indonesia, Thailand), five Latin American countries (Mexico, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Chile, Brazil) and two African countries (Morocco, Tunisia).

Schibsted Media Group is organized into Media Houses, Marketplaces and Schibsted Growth.

Media Houses

Schibsted is the largest media group in Scandinavia.

In Norway, the collaboration between the newspapers Aftenposten, Bergens Tidende, Stavanger Aftenblad and Fædrelandsvennen was formalized through the establishment of the media company Media Norge. In 2012, VG was added and the company changed its name to Schibsted Norge.[9]

Schibsted Sverige was established in Sweden in 2009. This collaboration comprises all the underlying businesses in Aftonbladet and Svenska Dagbladet.


Schibsted Media Group is one of the world’s leading online classified ads businesses. The company has said that they reach more than 200 million people worldwide.[10] It is #1 in General Classifieds in 18 countries,[11] including France, Spain, Sweden and Brazil. It operates the following sites: (Austria), (Austria), (Belarus), (Brazil), (Brazil), (Chile), (Colombia), (Colombia), (Dominican Republic), (Finland), (France), (Germany), (Hungary), (Hungary), (Indonesia), (Ireland), (Ireland), (Ireland), (Italy), (Italy), (Italy), (Mexico), Avito (Morocco), (Norway), (Norway), (Portugal), (Portugal), (Spain), (Spain), (Spain), (Spain), (Spain), (Spain), (Spain), (Spain), (Spain), (Switzerland), (Sweden), (Sweden), (Sweden), (Thailand), (Tunisia) and (UK).

Schibsted Growth In 2015, Schibsted Growth began investing in ambitious digital companies with scalable and innovative business models that create unique value for consumers or businesses.[12]

Schibsted Growth helps founders and teams to establish products or services, scale their business, maximize growth and ultimately become market leaders. The company works alongside entrepreneurs, provides cash funding and leverages the experience and resources within Schibsted Media Group.

Schibsted Growth have invested in companies such as Blocket, Prisjakt, Let's Deal, Lendo, KickBack, and many more.


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