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Also known as Schiller Street
Genre Improvisation
Comedy show
Country of origin Germany
Original language(s) German
Original network Sat.1
Original release 3 September 2004 – 2011

Schillerstraße (Schiller Street) was a German improvisational comedy show that aired weekly on Sat.1. It was recorded without a script and broadcast unedited to a large extent. The American broadcaster Fox has earned the licence for Schillerstraße and is to produce its own series.

Idea and show structure[edit]

The setting of the show is the living room of the main actor (until 2008 Cordula Stratmann, in 2009 Jürgen Vogel - all the actors keep their real names) who lives on the fictional street "Schillerstraße" in Cologne, Germany. The main character is regularly visited by friends and relatives. The participants only know the topic of the episode in advance. The whole plot has to be improvised comically. The cast receive directions from the Spielleiter (game master) on their headphones, and have to follow the cues, e.g. "Cordula: Tell the others you're pregnant!". The show mostly airs unedited and things that go wrong are not removed, either.

The main cast have included Cordula Stratmann, Annette Frier, Martin "Maddin" Schneider, Michael Kessler and Ralf Schmitz. They interchange with dozens of other guests.

The show was created by Maike Tatzig who is also the show's executive producer. In September 2005 she took over the task of the game master, after Georg Uecker left or had to leave the show for unknown reasons.

The show is produced by Hurricane Fernsehproduktion GmbH.


Schillerstraße first aired on 3 September 2004 on the German TV channel Sat.1. The episodes originally only lasted 30 minutes were aired in the later evening programme and were a big success. For this reason, the run time was extended in January 2005 and moved into a prime time slot on Thursdays. On 26 January 2007 Schillerstraße got a new slot during Friday evening prime time and started with a special 90-minute 100th episode broadcast in which the actors and the game master Maike Tatzig looked back at the previous 99 episodes. The former game master Georg Uecker was not mentioned once; instead they decided to make it look like Maike Tatzig had been the game master since the beginning of the show.

After Uecker left the show, producer Maike Tatzig became the game master in autumn 2005, officially due to schedule problems of Uecker.

On 20 April 2006 the stage was extended. So that the show could reasonably be continued without Cordula Stratmann, who was on maternity leave and was therefore not available for some episodes, they created a pub next door, the Schillereck (Schiller corner). Stratmann's pregnancy was never part of the show. Her character on the show became fat and had to go to a diet camp. The pub is "owned" by Bernhard Hoëcker, a friend of Cordula's. The stages are set in a right angle. To be able to use both stages in one show, a rotatable audience stand was constructed.

After its surprising success, the format was sold internationally. The rights were sold to the American media company Fox which is going to produce the show in the United States, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. The rights have been sold as well to France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland, Estonia,[1] Russia, Romania, Hungary, Turkey, Czech Republic and Israel.

In South Africa the show is produced and aired by Afrikaans channel kykNet under the title Proesstraat.

In 2011 the show was canceled in Germany.

Awards won[edit]

Year Award Category
2005 Rose d'Or Preis der Presse (Press Award)
2005 Deutscher Comedypreis (German Comedy Award) as beste Impro-Serie (best improvised show)
2005 Deutscher Fernsehpreis (German Television Award) as beste Impro-Comedy (best improvised comedy)
2006 Goldene Romy (Golden Romy) in the category beste Programmidee (best idea)
2006 Radio Regenbogen Award 2005 in the category Comedy 2005


Season 1[edit]

  1. Die neue Wohnung (Willkommen in der Schillerstraße) – The New Flat (Welcome to Schillerstraße)
  2. Babysitter wider Willen – Involuntary Babysitter
  3. Gute Geister, schlechte Geister – Good Ghosts, Bad Ghosts
  4. Maddins neue Flamme – Maddin's New Acquaintance
  5. Das Regal – The Shelf
  6. Das Fitness Fieber – Fitness Fever
  7. Die Tupperparty – Tupperware Party
  8. Der Hausputz – House Cleaning
  9. Halloween – Halloween
  10. Die Herbstgrippe – Autumn Flu
  11. Der Führerschein – Driving License
  12. Der Mutterbesuch – Mother's Visit
  13. Der Malkurs – Painting Course
  14. Die defekte Heizung – The Damaged Radiator
  15. Der Charity Ball – Charity Ball
  16. Der Advent – Advent

Season 2[edit]

  1. Frohes Neues – Happy New Year
  2. Der Ex-Freund – Ex Boyfriend
  3. Die Hypnose-Kassette – Hypnosis Cassette
  4. Die Schwangerschaft – Pregnancy
  5. Kölle Alaaf – Carnival
  6. Die Observierung – Observation
  7. Das Gipsbein – Casted Bone
  8. Die Findelfische – Foundling Fish
  9. Das Theaterstück – The Play
  10. Die Nachtschwester – Night Nurse
  11. Der Lottoschein – Lottery Ticket
  12. Der Spieleabend – Game Evening
  13. Guck mal, was da krabbelt – Look At What's Crawling There
  14. Die Untermieterin – Subtenant
  15. Die Kontaktanzeige – Lonely Hearts Ad
  16. Schlüsselalarm – Key Alert
  17. Das Blind Date – Blind Date
  18. Himmelfahrtkommando – Ascension Squad
  19. Die Streithennen – Brawlerettes
  20. Der kulinarische Nachbar – Culinary Neighbour
  21. Die Renovierung – Renovation
  22. Der Liebeskummer – Lovesick
  23. Die Heimarbeit – Homework
  24. Bella Italia – Bella Italia

Season 3[edit]

  1. Die Rückkehr – The Return
  2. Die Parteifreunde (Spezial) – Party Friends (Special)
  3. Die verlorenen Jungs – The Lost Boys
  4. Der Zahn – Tooth
  5. Das Oktoberfest – Oktoberfest
  6. Die Quizshow – Quiz Show
  7. Der Stromausfall – Blackout
  8. Die Bewerbung – Job Application
  9. Vaterbesuch – Father's visit
  10. Die Urlaubsbekanntschaft – Holiday Acquaintance
  11. Die Rivalen – Rivals
  12. Der Geburtstag – Birthday
  13. Der Esoteriktrip – Esotericism Trip
  14. Der Töpferkurs – Potter's Workshop
  15. Der Fremdverliebte – Foreign Lover
  16. Das Liebeshoroskop – Love Horoscope
  17. Die Schlägerei – Fight
  18. Das Weihnachtswichteln – Secret Santa
  19. Der Ski-Urlaub – Ski Holiday
  20. Der Pechvogel – Jinx
  21. Der Schwiegerelternschreck – Son-In-Law
  22. Der Tanzwettbewerb – Dancing Contest
  23. Der Lebensmitteltest – Food Control
  24. Der Fahnenflüchtling – Deserter
  25. Die Geschiedenen – The Divorced
  26. Die Jecken sind los – The Crazy Are Coming
  27. Der neue Ralf – The New Ralf
  28. Der Einbruch – Break-In
  29. Der Personaltrainer – Personnel Trainer
  30. Der Frühjahrsputz – Spring-Cleaning
  31. Der Ausrutscher – The Slip Up
  32. Deutschlands neues Topmodel – Germany's New Top Model
  33. Frohe Ostern – Happy Easter
  34. Die Erbschaft – Legacy
  35. Die unfreiwillige WG – Flat Share By Accident
  36. Der Psychologe[n 1]Psychologist
  37. Der Abschied – Good Bye
  38. Die Anstreicher[n 1]Painters
  39. Die Nervenkrise[n 1]Nervous Crisis
  40. Die Eröffnungsparty[n 1]The Opening Party
  41. Warten auf Gast Nr.1[n 1]Waiting For Guest No. 1
  42. Profikellner gesucht![n 1]Master Waiter Wanted
  43. Die Marketingkampagne[n 1]Marketing Campaign
  44. Die Karaokeparty[n 1]Karaoke Party

Season 4[edit]

  1. Willkommen zurück! – Welcome Back!
  2. Die veränderte Cordula – Changed Cordula
  3. Die Geschäftsidee – Business Idea
  4. Der Wasserschaden – Water Damage
  5. Der Gutachter – The Assessor
  6. Der Astronaut – The Astronaut
  7. Der Kurschatten – Diet Camp Acquaintance
  8. Die Wette – The Bet
  9. Der Liebesbote – Messenger of Love
  10. Der Martinszug – St. Martin's Procession
  11. Die Wetterfee – Weather Host
  12. Der Hochzeitsplaner – Wedding Planner
  13. Das Tai-Chi-Video – Tai Chi Tape
  14. Die Mehrwertsteuererhöhung – Increase of VAT
  15. Der Weihnachtsbasar – Christmas Bazaar
  16. Der Director's Cut – Director's Cut
  17. Der Steckbrief – Profile
  18. Tetjes Schwester – Tetje's Sister
  19. Die Karnevalsparty – Carnival Party
  20. Der zweite Frühling – Indian Summer
  21. Die Thekenbauer – Bar Builders
  22. Die Safari – Safari
  23. Die Kegelbahn – Bowling Alley
  24. Der Wasserhahn – Water Tap
  25. Bernhards Rückkehr – Bernhard's Return
  26. Der Mönch – The Monk
  27. Der Talentwettbewerb – Talent Competition

Season 5[edit]

  1. Nachmieter gesucht! – Searching For The Next Tenant!
  2. Die Einrichtungsprofis – Furnishing Professionals
  3. Das Rollenangebot – Role Offer
  4. D'r Kölsche Jung – The Boy From Cologne
  5. Der Pokerabend - Poker evening
  6. Der Alleskönner - The allrounder
  7. Das erste Date – The First Date
  8. Der Check-up – The Check-up
  9. Die Homestory – The Homestory
  10. Der Koffertausch – The Suitcase Exchange
  11. Kopflos in Köln – Headless in Cologne
  12. Pochers heiße Pyjamaparty - Pocher's hot slumber party



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