Schizo (album)

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Studio album by Heideroosjes
Released May 7, 1999
Genre Punk rock
Length 42:07
Label Epitaph
Producer Oscar Holleman, Chris Blair
Heideroosjes chronology
Smile... You're Dying!
Fast Forward

Schizo is the fifth official studio album by the Heideroosjes. The album has a mix of English and Dutch songs, which are mostly political. It contains a Spice Girls cover "Wannabe". The Heideroosjes play this song as a mocking statement at their live shows. Fans requested if they could put it on a record, so on Schizo they did.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Marco Roelofs.

  1. "Schizo"
  2. "Watch Me Play"
  3. "Dignity?"
  4. "Val Maar Dood!"
  5. "Time Is Ticking Away"
  6. "Jerry Rules In The Land of the Free"
  7. "What You Own Means Nothing"
  8. "Regular Day In Bosnia"
  9. "Fistful of Ideals"
  10. "Boore Lul"
  11. "Turn Around and Run!"
  12. "Inside My Head (You're All Dead)"
  13. "P.C.P.O.S."
  14. "If Trust Is Broken..."
  15. "Iedereen Is Gek (Behalve Jij)!"
  16. "Wannabe" (Spice Girls/Stannard/Rowe)



Two singles were released from the album:

  • The first single was "Iedereen Is Gek (Behalve Jij)! (1999)" contained another album song "Watch Me Play" as a b-side. Also it tracks 3 and 4, "Overture/Everybody Love Me..." and "United Scum" were recorded live in Paradiso with the Metropole Orchestra.
  • The second and last single was "Time Is Ticking Away", with the Depeche Mode cover "Enjoy the Silence" as the b-side. It also contained two live recordings from pinkpop 1999: "Sjonnie & Anita" and "Fistfuckparty at 701".