Schkopau Power Station

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The Schkopau Power Station is a lignite-fuelled power station near the Korbetha part of the municipality of Schkopau in the district of Merseburg-Querfurt (Saxony-Anhalt), Germany, which was built in 1995/1996. It has two units with a total capacity of 916 megawatts (MW), from which are 110 MW for traction current. The power station has 200 metres (656 ft) high chimney. It is owned and operated by E.ON AG. It has additionally a generator for the production of a phase change stream with a frequency of 16.7 cycles per second for Deutsche Bahn AG.

Coordinates: 51°23′54.44″N 11°57′1.17″E / 51.3984556°N 11.9503250°E / 51.3984556; 11.9503250