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Library Video Company is an educational video distributor founded in 1985 by Andrew Schlessinger and based in West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. A subsidiary of the company, Schlessinger Media, was founded in 1990 for the purposes of producing original for-the-classroom educational videos.

In 2005, Library Video Company merged with K-12 video networking solution provider, SAFARI Video Networks, founded in 1987 by Tim Beekman, to form SAFARI Montage. SAFARI Montage provides K-12 schools and districts with server-based digital video-on-demand, streaming video, and videoconferencing products.

Educational publishers, including PBS and WGBH have partnered with SAFARI Montage to bring educational programs to schools in a digital format.[1][2]

In May 2012, PBS announced an agreement to renew and expand its partnership with SAFARI Montage, making SAFARI Montage the primary major commercial digital distributor of PBS’ library of full-length programs to schools in the United States. This agreement also added hundreds of additional PBS titles to those already available through SAFARI Montage.[3]


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