Artstetten Castle

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Artstetten Castle

Artstetten Castle (German: Schloss Artstetten) is a castle near the Wachau valley in Lower Austria, in the community of Artstetten-Pöbring.

Used as a summer seat by the Austro-Hungarian Habsburg dynasty, the castle is the resting place of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg. It also houses the Archduke Franz Ferdinand Museum. The castle remains the private property of the Hohenberg family.

Castle of Artstetten coin[edit]

The castle was recently selected as a main motif for a high value euro collectors' coin: the Austrian 10 euro Castle of Artstetten commemorative coin, minted on 13 October 2004. The coin's obverse shows the castle of Artstetten standing above the Danube River on the threshold to the region of Wachau.



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