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Damaged Schmalturm at the Bovington Tank Museum
Scale model of prototype Schmalturm turret on Panther F

The Schmalturm (German for "narrow turret") was a tank turret designed for use on the Panzer V Ausf. B Panther II medium tank, Panther A and G medium tank, Panzer IV Ausf. J[dubious ]medium tank and the VK 30.02 DB (a medium tank prototype). The turret's shape resembled the Soviet T-34 tank turret. It featured a narrow front to maximize protection while minimizing weight. It was both lighter and easier-to-manufacture than the standard Panther turret. The turret had a stereoscopic rangefinder with lenses on either side of the turret, located in spherical bulges. No Schmalturms entered series production.[1][2][3]


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