Schmidt Island

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Russian: Остров Шмидта
Schmidt Island.svg
Schmidt Island, Russia.
Coordinates81°04′59″N 90°25′01″E / 81.083°N 90.417°E / 81.083; 90.417
ArchipelagoSevernaya Zemlya
Area467 km2 (180 sq mi)

Schmidt Island (Russian: Остров Шмидта) is one of the islands of the Severnaya Zemlya group in the Russian Arctic and was named after Soviet scientist and first head of the Chief Directorate of the Northern Sea Route, Otto Schmidt. It is located at the far northwestern end of the archipelago and lies slightly south of the Arctic Cape on Komsomolets Island.


Schmidt Island is significantly detached from the rest of Severnaya Zemlya regarding the relative proximity of the other main islands to each other.

It measures 467 km2 (180 sq mi) and is almost entirely covered by the Schmidt Ice Cap. Owing to its exposed position, the climate in the Schmidt Island's area is much colder than in the rest of the archipelago.[1]

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Coordinates: 81°04′59″N 90°25′01″E / 81.083°N 90.417°E / 81.083; 90.417