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Shmoo or Schmoo may refer to:

  • Schmoo, flying monster in the video game Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
  • Shmoo, cartoon creature from Li'l Abner
  • Shmoos, nickname of the Cosmic Ray Detection Units of CHICOS (California High School Cosmic Ray Observatory)
  • Shmoo plot, in electrical engineering, a graphical display of the response of a component or system
  • Shmoo, member of the Shmoo Group, a security practitioners' group
  • Schmoo, colloquial, Australian slang meaning a women's pubis or the general area of the pubis.
  • Shmoo, projection from yeast in response to mating pheromones
  • Shmoo, term used in economic theory for a generic product that reproduces itself (as opposed to Widgets, which require resources and active production)
  • Shmoo, method of preparing dead birds as specimens for bird collections

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