Schneewittchen (opera)

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Opera by Heinz Holliger
The composer in 2008
Librettist Holliger
Based on poetry by Robert Walser
Premiere 17 October 1998 (1998-10-17)
Zurich Opera House

Schneewittchen (Snow White) is an opera by Heinz Holliger. He wrote the libretto based on a poetic text by Robert Walser in iambic trimeter. The opera received its première on 17 October 1998 at the Zurich Opera House which had commissioned the work. The work is a psychoanalytical reworking of the fairy tale, analysing the complex relationships between the roles. It is not a children's opera.


Role Voice type Premiere: 17 October 1998
Conductor: Heinz Holliger
Schneewittchen (Snow White) soprano Juliane Banse
Königin (Queen) mezzo-soprano Cornelia Kallisch
Prinz (Prince) tenor Steve Davislim
Jäger (Huntsman) baritone Oliver Widmer
König (King) bass Werner Gröschel
There are no dwarfs.


  1. Prologue
  2. Scene 1
  3. Interlude 1-2 (Invention)
  4. Scene 2, part 1
  5. Fughetta (In Nomine Fluminis)
  6. Scene 2, part 2
  7. Interlude 2-3
  8. Quasi Fuga
  9. Scene 3
  10. Interlude 3-4
  11. Scene 4
  12. Interlude 4-5
  13. Scene 5
  14. Epilogue (Choral variations)

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