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Schneider (German for "tailor", literally "one who cuts", from the verb schneiden "to cut") is a very common surname in Germany.[1] Alternative spellings include: Schneyder, Schnieder, Snyder, Snider, Sneider, Schnyder, Znaider,[2] Schnaider, Schneiter, Shneider, and Sneijder, Snijder (Dutch), Snither (English), Snyman (Afrikaans), Schnider (Swiss German), Sznajder, Szneider (Polish), Snaider, Šnajder (Serbo-Croatian), and Schneidre (French).

Geographical distribution[edit]

As of 2014, 57.9% of all known bearers of the surname Schneider were residents of Germany (frequency 1:184), 18.8% of the United States (1:2,554), 6.1% of Brazil (1:4,446), 3.6% of Switzerland (1:299), 3.6% of France (1:2,452), 2.6% of Austria (1:443), 1.3% of Canada (1:3,837) and 1.0% of Argentina (1:5,820).

In Germany, the frequency of the surname was higher than national average (1:184) in the following states:[3]







  • Nathalie Schneyder (born 1968), American synchronised swimmer, Olympic champion
  • Werner Schneyder (1937–2019), Austrian cabaret performer, journalist, writer, actor, stage director, television presenter and sports reporter




The Doll Family, a performing group of four midget siblings from Germany

  • Elly Annie "Tiny" Schneider (1914–2004)
  • Frieda A. "Gracie" Schneider (1899–1970)
  • Kurt Fritz "Harry" Schneider (1902–1985)
  • Hilda Emma "Daisy" Schneider (1907–1980)

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