Schneider Crossroads, Virginia

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Schneider Crossroads is an unincorporated community in Fairfax County, in the U.S. state of Virginia.[1] State Route 620 and State Route 609 cross here and it is located 5.3 miles northwest by road from Centreville.[2] It contains little more than a florists' and a site called Cox Farms.[2] Pleasant Valley Golf Club lies to the northeast. The crossroads is a major traffic bottleneck, with traffic flow currently managed by four-way stop signs. There has been some discussion to improve the current configuration, by adding turn lanes and a light. VDOT had proposed a traffic circle several years ago, but cost of acquiring the additional property was prohibitive. Construction of a traffic circle has begun and will be complete in 2016. Another major concern is that the intersection floods after heavy rains, and that any improvement would need to deal with that problem. In 2012 Loudoun County, just west of the crossroads, offered over a million of the county's funds to pay for the intersection upgrade as it is their residents that are inconvenienced the most by the traffic problem, although the intersection is completely in Fairfax County. Even with a state match of the funds, the amount offered would not cover the costs of both the road and drainage improvements.


Coordinates: 38°52′53″N 77°29′08″W / 38.88139°N 77.48556°W / 38.88139; -77.48556