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Schneider TM is the name used for the solo electronic music projects of Dirk Dresselhaus, a former member of several German indie rock bands, most notably Hip Young Things and Locust Fudge. He released his first single under this name in 1997, but his most notable piece to date was a track named "The Light 3000" on the 2000 EP Binokular (a collaborative EP with KPT.michi.gan). The track is an electronic music cover of "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out" by the Smiths and was recently voted by The Wire magazine as one of the best cover versions ever recorded. [1]

In May 2006, "Škoda Mluvit" was released and contains the single "Pac Man / Shopping Cart."


Year album(s) EP(s) single(s)
1997 Schneider TM
1998 Moist Up-Tight, Masters
2000 Binokular (with KPT.michi.gan)
2002 Zoomer 6 Peace Frogtoise, Reality Check
2003 The Light 3000 (with KPT.michi.gan)
2004 Reconfigures The SchneiderTM Experience
2005 Release (Double Album) Dr. Drek
2006 Škoda Mluvit Pac Man/Shopping Cart
2012 Construction Sounds
2013 Guitar Sounds

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