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The Schola Cantorum Basiliensis (abbreviated as SCB; Medieval Latin for "School of the Chantings of Basel") is a music academy and research institution located in Basel, Switzerland, that focuses on early music and historically informed performance.

Paul Sacher founded the school in 1933. Influential faculty included August Wenzinger (cello and viola da gamba), Ina Lohr (violin), and Max Meili (vocal music). In 1954 the Schola merged with two other Basel music schools to form the City of Basel Music Academy.

Among the school's other notable faculty members, past and present, are musicians from many countries. By nationality, they include:

Notable alumni have included such leading historically informed musicians as Gustav Leonhardt, Jordi Savall, Barbara Thornton, Christina Pluhar, and Benjamin Bagby.

Lutenists who have studied at the Schola include:

Faculty at the school have organized performing ensembles that have made notable recordings of early music. One of the more popular of these is the 1994 album Chill to the Chant.

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