Scholars Pavilion

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Persian Scholar pavilion in Vienna

Scholars Pavilion or Scholars Chartagi is a monument donated by the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations Office at Vienna. The monument architecture is claimed by the Islamic Republic News Agency of Iran to be a combination of Islamic architecture and Achaemenid architecture,[1] although the latter clearly predominates in the decorative features, with Persian columns and other features from Persepolis and other remains from the Achaemenid dynasty. The Chahartaq pavilion form runs through the architecture of Persia from pre-Islamic times to the present.

Statues of four famous Persian medieval scholars, Omar Khayyam, Al-Biruni, Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi and Ibn-Sina, are inside the pavilion. This monument donated in June 2009 in occasion of Iran's peaceful developments in science.[2][3]. This monument was designed by Alireza Nazem Alroaya and constructed by Sadeh Architecture City Construction.



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