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Hakim Mohammed Said wrote or compiled about 200 books.He is the founder of Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf), Pakistan. These include books on Religion, Tibb, Health & Sciences, books on Literary, Social and Scientific topics and Travelogues. Hakim Mohammed Said also created two very widely attended national forums: Hamdard Shura (for leaders of public opinion) and Naunehal Assembly (for children). He attended and read papers at numerous conferences all over the world and organized a number of international conferences for promotion of science in Pakistan in collaboration with national and international organizations including UNESCO and WHO. He also held important offices and memberships of dozens of national and international organizations related to education and health care, the fields to which his contributions are universally acknowledged.

Below is the complete list of books written or compiled by Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said.

  1. Religion, Islamic Studies, Islamic Law, Education and Literature (in English)
  2. Nuristan (Radio speeches on Quran-e-Hakim & our lives) Published in 1987
  3. The Employer And the Employee: Islamic Concept (Published in 1972)
  4. Islamic Concept of State (Published in 1983)
  5. Essays on Islam (Four Volumes) Published between 1992-1998
  6. Voice of Morality (Published in 1985)
  7. Man -- The World--Peace
  8. Main Currents of Contemporary Thought In Pakistan (Two Volumes) Published in 1973 History & Biography (in English)
  9. Al-Biruni: His Time, Life And Works (Co-author: Dr. Ansar Zahid Khan) Published in 1981
  10. Personalities Noble (Published in 1983)
  11. Road To Pakistan (Co-authors: Dr. Moin-ul-Haq, Prof. Sharif-ul-Mujahid, Dr. Ansar Zahid Khan) Published in 1990
  12. Letters to Quaid-e-Azam, Co-compilers: Rizwan Ahmed, Dr. Ansar Zahid Khan (Published in 1998)

Medicine & History of Medicine (in English)

  1. Al-Biruni's Book on Pharmacy And Materia Medica (Published in 1973)
  2. Diseases of Liver: Greco-Arab Concepts (Published in 1982)
  3. Cardiovascular Diseases: Greco-Arab Concepts (Published in 1983)
  4. Hamdard Pharmacopoeia of Eastern Medicine (Published in 1969)
  5. Oral Health (Published in 1994)
  6. Medicine In China (Published in 1965)
  7. Pharmacy and Medicine Thru The Ages (Published in 1969)
  8. Traditional Greco-Arab And Modern Western Medicine: Conflict and Symbiosis (Published in 1975)
  9. Pakistan Encyclopedia Planta Medica (2 Volumes) (Published in 1986) Co-authors: Dr. Viqaruddin Ahmed & Dr. At-Rahman
  10. Medicinal Herbal (2 volumes) Published in 1996 Background of Unani, Arabic & Islamic Medicine & Pharmacy (Published in 1997)
  11. Ethics For Medics (Published in 1997)

Science & Sociology

  1. Essays on Science (Seven Volumes) Seven Volumes published between 1986-1995

Symposia, Proceedings, Conferences

  1. The Al-Biruni Commemorative Volumes (Published in 1979)
  2. Elements In Health And Disease: Proceedings of The First International Conference on Elements #In Health And Disease (Published in 1987)
  3. Elements In Health And Disease: Proceedings of The Second International Conference on Elements in Health and Disease (Published in 1989) Co-authors: Dr. M. Ata-ur-Rahman & Lily Anne D'Silva
  4. Health of The Nation Conference Proceedings (Published in 1971)
  5. Ibn Al-Haitham: Proceedings of The 1000th Anniversary (Published in 1969)
  6. Proceedings of the International Congress of History and Philosophy of Science (Published in 1980)
  7. New Researches in Biology and Genetics: Problems of Science and Ethics: Proceedings of the International Symposium, Islamabad Dec. 1979 (Published in 1980)
  8. Elements and Liver, Co-authors: Dr. Ata-ur-Rahman, M. Abdullah, S.B. Vohra, M.Athar (Published in 1996)
  9. Collection of Essays (1973-1979) Compiled by: Sadia Rashid, Lily Anne D'Silva, Zahida Bano (Published in 1999)
  10. Collection of Essays (1975-1976) Compiled by: Sadia Rashid, Lily Anne D'Silva, Zahida Bano (Published in 2000)
  11. Collection of Essays (1980-1987) Compiled by: Sadia Rashid, Lily Anne D'Silva, Zahida Bano(Published in 2000)
  12. Collection of Essays (1990-1995) Compiled by: Sadia Rashid, Lily Anne D'Silva, Zahida Bano(Published in 2002)

Children's Literature

  1. Love and Peace (Published in 1990)
  2. Dostan (4 parts) Published in 1991
  3. Let us Talk Health (Published in 1989)
  4. Peace Primer Co-author: F.A. Anvery (Published in 1991)
  5. The Best of Goodness (Published in 1991)
  6. The Greatest Man (Published in 1991)
  7. A Primer of Health for Children of the World (Published in 1993)
  8. A World without Polio –Children's thematic Poster Competition (Published in 1996)

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