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Scholtz is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • A.H.M. Scholtz, South African writer in Afrikaans, wrote his first and award-winning novel at the age of 72
  • Andrew Henry Martin Scholtz (1923–2004), South African writer
  • Bernard Scholtz (born 1990), Namibian cricketer
  • Bob Scholtz (born 1936), former American football offensive lineman
  • Bruce Scholtz (born 1958), former professional American football player
  • Christiaan Scholtz (born 1970), former South African rugby union player
  • Friedrich von Scholtz (born 1851), German general, served as commander on the Eastern Front in World War I
  • Gertrud Scholtz-Klink née Treusch (1902–1999), fervent Nazi Party member, leader of the National Socialist Women's League in Nazi Germany
  • Jean Scholtz, American computer scientist
  • Johannes du Plessis Scholtz (1900–1990), South African philologist, art historian, and art collector
  • Joseph D. Scholtz, Mayor of Louisville, Kentucky from 1937 to 1941
  • Klaus Scholtz (1908–1987), Kapitänleutnant with the Kriegsmarine during World War II
  • Lilly Scholtz (married name Gaillard) (born 1903), Austrian pair skater
  • Nicolaas Scholtz (born 1986), Namibian cricketer
  • Nikala Scholtz (born 1991), professional tennis player from Caledon, South Africa
  • Robert A. Scholtz, distinguished professor of Electrical engineering at University of Southern California
  • Rudi Scholtz (born 1979), South African-born Namibian cricketer
  • Tom Scholtz (born 1947), American rock musician, songwriter, guitarist, keyboardist, inventor, and mechanical engineer

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