School Hard

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"School Hard"
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode
Episode no.Season 2
Episode 3
Directed byJohn T. Kretchmer
Story byDavid Greenwalt
Joss Whedon
Teleplay byDavid Greenwalt
Production code5V03
Original air dateSeptember 29, 1997 (1997-09-29)
Guest appearances
Episode chronology
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"Some Assembly Required"
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"Inca Mummy Girl"
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (season 2)
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"School Hard" is episode three of season two of the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The story was conceived by series creator and executive producer Joss Whedon and co-executive producer David Greenwalt, with Greenwalt penning the teleplay. It was directed by John T. Kretchmer, the second and final episode he directed for the show. The narrative intertwines two stories, one of Spike and Drusilla, legendary vampires from Angel's past, coming to Sunnydale and Buffy Summers' attempts to keep her mother and Principal Snyder from meeting at parent-teacher night, which she has to organize. Unfortunately for her, this is when Spike chooses to attack.


Principal Snyder assigns Buffy and Sheila Martini (Alexandra Johnes) to prepare the school lounge for parent-teacher night in return for him not expelling them. A new pair of vampires arrive in town, Spike and Drusilla. Spike promises the Anointed One (Andrew J. Ferchland) that he will kill Buffy, as he has killed two slayers already.

While the Scoobies are busy preparing for the parents, Giles and Jenny Calendar show up to inform Buffy that Saturday will be the Night of Saint Vigeous, named after the leader of a vampire crusade, and that during that night, the natural abilities of vampires will be enhanced. Spike assaults Buffy and tells her that he will kill her on Saturday. He later kidnaps and brings Sheila, who is enthralled by his bad boy charms, to the weak Drusilla who feeds on and sires her.

Giles does not recognize Spike from Buffy's description. Angel briefly walks in on the meeting and tells them that Spike is a large problem, as the two have known each other for a long time. Later, Giles finds a reference to Spike as "William the Bloody", and discovers that he has indeed killed two slayers.

On Thursday night, the Scoobies are making weapons in the library while Buffy is preparing the buffet. She fails to keep Snyder from meeting her mother. Afterwards, a stern Joyce orders Buffy home just as Spike and the other vampires crash through the window. In the ensuing fight, Buffy leads the adults to safety in the science room. Xander is sent to fetch Angel. Buffy takes command of the incredulous adults, tells them to stay put and climbs through the air ducts to reach the library and her weapons.

Buffy's location in the ceiling is discovered when Spike hears noises, and she has to avoid strikes made by the vampires to knock her down. After taking out the vampires trying to break into the science room, she runs into Sheila, who is now a vampire. At first, Buffy does not realize this, but she is able to thwart Sheila's attempt to ambush her thanks to Giles. Xander returns to the school with Angel, who pretends to be his former evil self, Angelus. Though Spike first welcomes Angelus as a long-lost friend, he sees through the ruse and Xander and Angel are forced to flee.

Buffy and Spike finally meet in the hall, and fight. Spike seemingly has Buffy beaten and is about to kill her, but she is saved when her mother shows up and hits Spike over the head with the flat of an axe. Hurt, Spike flees the scene. Joyce tells Buffy that she trusts Buffy to take care of herself, whatever Snyder may say. Meanwhile, Snyder tells the police chief to cover up the truth and claim to the public the trouble was caused by a gang on PCP.

Spike returns to the vampire lair, where the Anointed One demands penance for his failure. Spike instead kills the boy by throwing him in a cage into the sunlight, preferring to hunt for fun instead of as a ritual.


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