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Old City Hall in 1930

School Street is a short but significant street in the center of Boston, Massachusetts. It is so named for being the site of the first public school in the United States (the Boston Latin School, since relocated). The school operated at various addresses on the street from 1704 to 1844.

Effectively a southeastern extension of Beacon Street, School Street runs one or two blocks (it is bisected by Province Street on one side) from Tremont Street to Washington Street. Along the way, it passes King's Chapel, Boston's Old City Hall (on the first public school site), and the historic Old Corner Bookstore.

The Parker House hotel, 19th-century meeting place of politicians and literary figures as well as the origin point of several famous local dishes, is also located along the street.

The entirety of the street is part of the Freedom Trail, a red line that leads tourists to historic sites in the center of the city.


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