School Zone (manga)

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School Zone
Cover of the first volume of the School Zone manga
(Sukuuru Zoon)
Genre Horror, Supernatural
Written by Kanako Inuki
Published by Leed Publishing
English publisher
Original run 19961999
Volumes 3
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School Zone (スクールゾーン Sukuuru Zoon?) is a horror manga series by Kanako Inuki.[1] The series follows a group of children as they discover that the many ghost stories, urban legends, and superstitions they have heard about their school are real.


There exist thirteen ghost stories about the school and, it is said, a terrible fate is reserved for those unlucky ones who learn all thirteen. One afternoon, one student tells the others the one about the human head found in the school elevator. Soon after, many students begin to experience strange and terrible encounters with the supernatural, and coming to school now becomes a struggle for survival.


It has received a positive review from Katherine Dacey from The Manga Critic.[2]


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