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School of Business and Management of Technology of BSU
Главный корпус ИБМТ БГУ.JPG
5 Moskowskaya Str, Minsk, Belarus
Coordinates 53°54′06″N 27°33′00″E / 53.901664°N 27.550015°E / 53.901664; 27.550015
Type Public
Established 1996
School district Minsk, BY
Faculty Faculty of Business, Faculty of Innovation Technologyes and Management
Enrollment 2800 (Figures from Fall 2012)
Nickname SBMT BSU
Information +375 (17) 3992393

Officially known as the state educational establishment, the School of Business and Management of Technology of Belarusian State University (Belarusian: Інстытут бізнесу і менеджменту тэхналогій БДУ, Russian: Институт бизнеса и менеджмента технологий БГУ), SBMT BSU, was established in April 1996.[1][2]

Over 3500 people have graduated from SBMT BSU, with more than 700 acquiring their master's degree or Specialist's Degrees, over 1200 completing Advanced Training courses, and 1500 having improved their professional skills. Currently, over 2800 students are enrolled in various SBMT BSU programs.

School structure[edit]

There are four program departments, each with their own chairperson, in the fields of Business Administration, Logistics, Management of Technologies and Business Communications. SBMT BSU also offers a Center of Distance Learning, a Center of Informational Technologies, an English Language Center, and a regional campus in Orsha.

The first business school in Belarus[edit]

The demand for highly skilled Business specialists during the dawn of the market economy in Belarus led to the creation of the first business school. However, at that time, the Belarusian education system was not as equipped compared to the universities in developed countries. SBMT BSU modeled courses after these international schools of Business while fitting the program to realism of the Belarusian economy. Within the first years of operation, every member of the SBMT BSU faculty underwent advanced training in the USA and returned home to develop curriculums for their own programs.[3]

For the first six years, courses were conducted in English only. The reasons for this are that the professors were trained in English, the teaching materials available at that time were written in English and time was needed for translation, and the English proficiency was attractive for those wanting a modern business education. Wishing to further other educational establishments, regional offices of international companies were started all over Belarus, creating joint ventures between the schools and businesses. Throughout the years, various courses have been taught by international specialists as well as by visiting professors from France, Sweden, and the US.[4]

Today SBMT BSU offers bachelor's degrees in Russian and English languages, "Logistics", and "Management of Informational Resources". Master of Business Administration degree programs are also available. For top managers and specialists, Advanced Training and Professional Skill Improvement opportunities exist in the high priority fields of scientific and innovational activities, which are carried out within the framework of Belarus' state program of Innovational Development.[5](in Russian)


  • 1996 Launch of the joint Belarusian-American project "Program on Economics and Management of Technology" (PEMT) introduced by BSU and the USA's University of Colorado's Economics Institute.
  • 1998 First master's program graduates in the field of "Management".
  • 1999 Launch of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. Commencement of the Advanced Training Program "Finance and Bank Loans" students.
  • 2001 SBMT welcomes the first students enrolled in the Professional Skills Improvement Program: “International Financial Reporting Standards”.
  • 2002 SBMT and Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands sign an agreement starting a joint educational project in Advanced Training Program "Computer Science".
  • 2003 SBMT graduates receive Master of Business Administration degrees for the first time in Belarusian history.
  • 2004 SBMT welcomes the first Bachelor of Business Administration students. Launch of the Advanced Training Program "European Manager".
  • 2005 Launch of the Advanced Training Educational Programs "Web Design and Computer Graphics" and "Smart Home".
  • 2006 Launch of Professional Training Module for financiers, economists and accountants "IFRS&DIP". SMBT and Molde University College (Norway) sign an agreement providing a joint Belarusian-Norwegian master's degree in Logistics. Students receive master's degrees from Molde University College as well as Belarusian state Certificates of Improvement of Professional Skills in "Logistics".
  • 2007 Cooperative agreement between Belarus' Ministry of Economics of the Republic and Germany's Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology empowers SBMT BSU to act as a coordinating organization for a joint Belarusian-German program providing Management staff Training aimed at improving the Belarusian economy.
  • 2008 Launch of the Advanced training Program "Human Resource Management”
  • 2009 Launch of the "Management of Innovational Processes" program. Launch of the "E-learning PRO" program
  • 2010 Creation of the English Language Center. Launch of the Advanced Training Program "Logistics”
  • 2011 SBMT acquires certification in the quality management system necessary to meet international standards for ISO 9001 in the national system of certification as well as the German state system certification (TGA)[6](in Russian). Start of training for specialists in "Management of Informational Resources".
  • 2012 Launch of master's program in Logistic Systems Management. Launch of master's program Management of Innovations.
  • 2013 The preparation of masters on specialization "Technology of personnel management" was begun.
  • 2014 The preparation of specialists of a "Business Administration" program (the first stage of higher education) fully in English was started. A branch of the SBMT`s Department of Business Administration based on the Polish-Belarusian Chamber of Commerce in Warsaw was opened. SBMT signed an agreement on double degree programs for students of "Logistics" specialization with the Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences (Finland). The School began cooperation to conduct educational programs, seminars and conferences with the Chamber of Commerce of Belarus-Italy Abruzzo region.
  • 2015 SBMT launched new retraining programs such as "Software Information Systems", "Applied Mathematics", "Advertising Management", "Industrial ecology and rational use of natural resources", "Environmental Management", "Management of enterprises hospitality", "Management of tourist organizations", "Economics and enterprise management hotel and restaurant industry, "" Modern foreign languages."
  • 2016 SBMT launched a new Master’s program “Banking Business Management”. New cooperation was initiated with the Baltic Association for Management Development (Lithuania).
  • 2017 SBMT became a member of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). The School of business and management of technology of BSU is the first business school in Belarus, admitted to membership in the AACSB International.
Bachelors celebrating the graduation, June 2012

SBMT BSU Bachelor's degrees[edit]

MBA graduation ceremony in June 2008

SBMT BSU Master's degrees[edit]

Master of Business Administration

SBMT BSU offers the first MBA program in Belarus. It was launched in 1998, and is aimed at training motivated individuals with work experience to improve their career possibilities. A prerequisite is no less than two years work experience after receiving a bachelor's degree. The MBA at SBMT BSU is noted for being a demanding and challenging program; with the majority of graduates saying: “If you have mastered this program you are a winner.” 30% of the students start this program based on the recommendations of previous graduates. In order to be admitted, applicants must submit an essay providing their reasons for studying in the program. Applicants must also pass serious exams, including a written test aimed at checking mathematical skills, and an exam in English (TOEFL) if applying for an English program, and a motivational interview. The motivational interview is given the most value when applying for the program. Since 2010, based on the existing English-language MBA program of the School of Business and Management of Technology BSU the first Belarusian English-language MBA program was created that would qualify for the international accreditation CEEMAN and AMBA.[8][9][10]

Some time-honored traditions in the MBA program include the "Act of Kindness" charity project, "First September with the MBAs" program meeting, "Master's Initiation" and "Autumn MBA Club", both run by MBA candidates. Of course, the graduation ceremony includes the official speech of the best graduate of the year, the singing of the hymn Gaudeamus, and the throwing of caps into the air.

Master's of Logistic Systems Management

Launched in September 2012, the aim of this program is to train top specialists in Logistics and SCM, allowing developing enterprises and organizations to move to a new level of competitiveness and effectiveness.

Master's of Management of Innovations

In 2012, SBMT launched a systemized training for Master's in the Field of Innovations, focusing on practical experience. The basic professional sphere of such a specialist is organizing and managing investment-innovative enterprises or their structural subdivisions in various spheres of business. The main emphasis during the training period will be given to specifics of innovations management, commercializing of new ideas copyright protection, and venture financing.

Advanced training programs[edit]

European Manager[edit]

The European Manager program was launched initially at EHU in 2001, transferring to SBMT BSU in 2004. Over 300 graduates have successfully completed the work and acquired their diplomas, having been trained to run global enterprises. Among the main features of the program are its systematic approach and "practice oriented" focus.


Launched in 2010, this degree is aimed at the professional advanced training of specialists who want to acquire knowledge in the field of logistics, taking into consideration the peculiarities of developing the national economy of the Republic of Belarus and its normative legal basis.

Human Resource Management[edit]

This program combines practical training with professional seminars and mini training courses on stress management, public speaking, business negotiations, conflict resolution and effective communications with staff.


Launched in 1999, the Advanced Training Program "Finance" is aimed primarily at the professional advanced training of specialists in the sphere of finance and banking with emphasis on financial management, business analysis and practical use of informational technologies in finance, economics and business.

Over 800 graduates have acquired diplomas, and now work as financiers and business analysts, economists and finance managers, and accountants in Belarusian and foreign companies.

Web Design and Computer Graphics[edit]

This program trains software engineers and web designers, featuring a practical approach and the use of modern methodology of computer-assisted education ("teacher – internet – student" scheme).

IFRS&DIP: Professional Knowledge on World Level[edit]

This program offers various courses to improve the skills of finance and management recording professionals, and auditing and finance management specialists.

Centers for Learning and Development[edit]

Center for Distant Learning and Information Technologies[edit]

The center, established in 2007, creates an informational and education basis for SBMT, advancing methodological and scientific purposes in the spheres of distant learning and information technologies within SBMT BSU.

English Language Center[edit]

SBMT BSU’s English Language Center, established with the help and support of Riga Business School, provides various levels of English education, including eight levels of general English, two of business English, as well as preparation classes for the TOEFL exam.

Career Development Center[edit]

The Career Development Center motivates students and graduates to self-plan and structure their career goals, helps them to adapt to the contemporary labor market, and ensures full professional career realization. The main purpose is to assist graduates in finding employment and developing careers after graduation, as well as connecting employers with potential employees.

SBMT International cooperation[edit]

International cooperation is one of the chief aim of the School activities. For more than 15 years of successful work the School has developed mutually beneficial relations with manifold foreign universities and business schools.

The first educational project for the School Program in Economics and Management of Technology was the result of successful realization of international project in co-operation with the Economics Institute of University of Colorado Boulder, USA. The joint cooperation with American colleagues, supported for this project through the Eurasia Foundation, favoured the creation of the first Master's level business education that corresponded to the international standards both in form and content and had great potential for its self-support. The program made it possible to get an American master's degree. Cooperation with Kingston University, UK, as part of a regional cooperation project (REAP) provided new opportunities for training teachers, developing new courses and preparing instructional materials in business subjects.

Joint Belarusian-Norwegian Master's Program in Logistics[edit]

Begun in 2006, the Belarusian-Norwegian Master's in Logistics is a cooperative program between SBMT and Molde University College in Norway, allowing students to spend one semester learning in Norway. After completing the "semester abroad", students can submit their Master's Thesis, and after a successful defense they receive a master's degree from Molde University College, valid in all European countries. The program is two years (four semesters), with students studying the first and second semesters at SBMT BSU and the third is entirely dedicated to studying in Norway. The fourth semester is dedicated to the writing and defending of the Master's Thesis. Many students feel the first year is the most difficult period of study.[11]

Joint Belarusian-German Program on Management staff Training for the Economy of the Republic of Belarus[edit]

School of Business and Management of Technology of BSU is the national coordinator of the joint Belarusian-German program for management training for the economy of the Republic of Belarus. This program successfully functions within the frame of cooperation between the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Belarus and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology of German, and focuses on improving the skills of the top management of the Belarusian economy. The program is partially financed by the Federal ministry of Economics and Technology of Germany, and consists of professional skills improvement courses at SBMT and a four-week study in Germany. The main feature of the program is establishing contacts with German enterprises and the sharing of experience and management know-how.[12](in Russian)

The project "Slovak experience of corporate social responsibility for Belarus"[edit]

From 1 September 2011 and to 31 December 2012, the project "Slovak experience of corporate social-responsibility in Belarus" was realized with the support of university government organization "Slovak Aid" and the fund "Pontis". The main goal of the project was to promote corporate social responsibility in the Republic of Belarus on the basis of the Slovak experience.[13]

An International project in Logistics "Amber Coast Logistics"[edit]

In June 2010, launched an international project "Amber Coast Logistics", which is attended by six countries: Germany, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus. The Belarusian side is represented by 4 partners: SBMT BSU, «Polytechnic», the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Belarusian Association of International Forwarders. School of Business and Management of Technology of BSU is the national coordinator of the project "Amber Coast Logistics" in Belarus.[14][15]

Membership in International organizations[edit]

In December 2012 The School of Business and Management of Technology of the Belarusian State University has joined the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), the only representative of the Belarusian business education in the foundation.[16][17]

"Acts of Kindness" fundraiser for orphans in December 2012
Charity Strawberry Fest SBMT BSU, June 2012
"Going Green with MBA" campaign for recycling used batteries

SBMT BSU partners/affiliates[edit]

  • For more than 10 years, host of the international scientific and practical conference "Actual Problems of Business Education".[18] (in Russian)[19](in Russian)
  • For 5 years in a row, host of the international distant scientific and practical conference "Innovation Processes and Corporate Management".
  • Coordinator of the Republican Forum for Young Managers[20](in Russian)
  • Founding member of the Belarusian Association for Business Education

At present the main partners of the School of Business and Management of Technology of BSU are:

SMBT BSU charity work[edit]

“Act of Kindness" started more than 10 years ago as an ongoing charity project. Today the project exists in the form of continuous arrangements for fund-raising for children from a local orphanage and the elderly at the Minsk region retirement home. Traditional social activities include the freshman initiation ceremony, Christmas program meetings, graduation ceremonies, and the annual Strawberry Festival.[22](in Russian)[23](in Russian)

SBMT BSU in world rankings[edit]

As of June 2012, the "Ranking Web of Business Schools" website ranked SBMT BSU as second in Belarus and 416th out of over 1,500 Business Schools worldwide.[24]


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