Spring Branch School of Choice

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Spring Branch School of Choice
(Academy of Choice)
9016 Westview Drive
Spring Valley Village, Houston, Texas
United States
Coordinates 29°47′53″N 95°30′39″W / 29.798042°N 95.510722°W / 29.798042; -95.510722Coordinates: 29°47′53″N 95°30′39″W / 29.798042°N 95.510722°W / 29.798042; -95.510722
Type Public School
Founded 1985
Director Michele Hillberth
Enrollment < 1,000 students
Campus Urban
Color(s) Blue, White
Mascot Bear
Spring Branch Education Center, home of the School of Choice

The Spring Branch School of Choice (SBSOC) is an alternative school in the Spring Branch Independent School District in Spring Valley Village, Texas, United States. It serves grades 9-12.

The campus was formerly known as Spring Branch Senior High School, and founded in 1957 with an initial enrollment of a few hundred students. Spring Branch was the first high school in the school district. By the later 1950s/early 1960s, the school had increased to over 3,500 students. The campus could not support the numbers, and as such, Memorial High School was founded in 1962, on the other side of old Katy Road, to ease the overcrowding. Spring Branch High School continued to grow, and another high school, Spring Woods High School, was opened in 1964. Northbrook High School opened in 1975 to ease additional overcrowding at Spring Branch and Spring Woods. By the mid-1980s, due to the oil bust, along with an aging population, the enrollment at schools all over Spring Branch ISD dropped. With the resulting decrease in enrollment, there was not a large enough student population to require the school district to have six high schools. The board voted to close Spring Branch High School and Westchester High School at the end of the 1984-1985 school year. Most students who attended Spring Branch High School were sent mainly to Northbrook and Spring Woods High Schools, with some going to Memorial.


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