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School of Experiential Education (SEE School)
40 McArthur Street
Etobicoke, Toronto, Ontario, M9P 3M7
Coordinates 43°42′06″N 79°32′48″W / 43.701607°N 79.546611°W / 43.701607; -79.546611Coordinates: 43°42′06″N 79°32′48″W / 43.701607°N 79.546611°W / 43.701607; -79.546611
School type High School
Founded 1971
School board Toronto District School Board
Superintendent Andrea Alimi
Area trustee John Hastings
Principal Gabi Kurzydlowski
Grades 9 - 12
Language English
Area Islington Avenue and Dixon Road

School of Experiential Education (SEE) is a small alternative high school located in Toronto's west end of Etobicoke. SEE's take on alternative education includes small class sizes, discussion-based courses, thematic English courses, as well as opportunities for independent and project-based learning. SEE delivers all courses required for the completion of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. In addition, SEE offers opportunities to participate in media, technology, and photography courses, with equipment such as cameras, two computer labs, recording equipment and a dark room available for student use. SEE has a full curriculum that includes the arts, math, humanities and sciences, as well as physical education, technology and business. SEE is a semestered school.


Because SEE has a small student population, the range of courses offered each term is limited. However, the small class sizes (usually 20 or fewer students per class) enable a greater breadth and depth within each individual course, which is not usually possible in normal class sizes of 30 or more. Because of the informal teaching environment and low student to teacher ratio, students are encouraged to learn independently, through discussions, and through projects, often of their own design.

Many courses at SEE are thematic and in the past have had themes for English classes of Death & Dying, Classics, Queer, Graphic Novel, and Science Fiction. A Writer's Craft course is also offered. Some themed history courses offered in the past have been Genocide, Power and Protest, and Revolution. There will be a History of Food course offered in the 2012-13 school year.

Although SEE offers the same credit as other schools, the classes will generally have different names than most schools. For example, the grade 9-10 English class for 08-09 was named "Stop The Madness", there have been grade 10 and 11 Tech courses called "Schnitzel" and "Tattoo", and the school's Phys Ed class is known as "Healthy Living".

Admission Process[edit]

Because SEE is an optional attendance school, there is an application process that a potential student must go through in order to be admitted. This process includes an application (including an essay), an interview, as well as submission of a transcript (if the student has previously attended a secondary school) or a report card (if the student is applying directly from grade eight).

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