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School of Performing Arts Seoul

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School of Performing Arts Seoul
16-26 Ori-ro 22na-gil, Guro-gu

South Korea
PrincipalPark Jae-ryeon (박재련)[1]
Deputy PrincipalKwon Oh-hyun (권오현)

School of Performing Arts Seoul (Korean: 서울공연예술고등학교), colloquially known as 서공예 (SOPA) in South Korea, is an arts high school in Gung-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul.[3]


SOPA was founded on March 6, 1966 as Jeonghui High School (정희고등공민학교). On February 28, 2002, Park Jae-ryeon was appointed as principal.[4] SOPA was relocated on September 1, 2008 to its current location at 147-1 Gung-dong, Guro-gu in Seoul.

After changing its name to School of Performing Arts Seoul (서울공연예술고등학교 Seo-ul Gong-yeon Yesul Godeung Hakkyo), SOPA took in their first batch of students on March 1, 2009. There are a total of 11,935 graduates as of February 4, 2016, with March 2, 2016 marking new student admissions for the 2016 school year.


  • Department of Theatre & Film
  • Department of Practical Dance
  • Department of Practical Music
  • Department of Stage Arts
  • Department of Theatre Arts (combined with Department of Broadcasting Arts to form Department of Theatre & Film)[5]
  • Department of Broadcasting Arts (combined with Department of Theatre Arts to form Department of Theatre & Film)[6]

Notable alumni[edit]


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