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School Strike for Climate
FridaysForFuture (FFF)
Part of the climate movement
Start of the FridaysForFuture Demonstration 25-01-2019 Berlin 28.jpg
Climate strike in Berlin on 25 January 2019
DateSince August 2018, mostly on Thursdays and Fridays
Caused byPolitical inaction against global warming
GoalsClimate change mitigation
MethodsStudent strike
Parties to the civil conflict
Lead figures

School strike for climate, also known in various regions as Fridays for Future, Youth for climate or Youth strike 4 climate, is a growing international movement of pupils and students who, instead of attending classes, are taking part in demonstrations to demand action to prevent further global warming and climate change. Publicity and widespread organising began when Greta Thunberg staged an action outside the Swedish Riksdag (parliament), holding a sign that read "Skolstrejk för klimatet" or "school strike for climate" during August 2018.[1][2]


On 20 August 2018, Greta Thunberg, then in ninth grade, decided to not attend school until the 2018 Sweden general election on 9 September after heat waves and wildfires in Sweden.[1] She asserts that this move was inspired by the teen activists at Parkland Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, who organised the March for our lives.[3][4] Her demands were that the Swedish government reduce carbon emissions as per the Paris Agreement, and she protested by sitting outside the Riksdag every day during school hours with the sign Skolstrejk för klimatet (school strike for the climate).[5] On 7 September, just before the general elections, she announced that she would continue to strike every Friday until Sweden aligns with the Paris Agreement. She coined the slogan FridaysForFuture, which gained worldwide attention. She inspired school students across the globe to take part in student strikes.[6]


Inspired by Greta Thunberg, massive school strikes started in November 2018. In Australia, thousands of school students were inspired by Thunberg to strike on Fridays, ignoring Prime Minister Scott Morrison's call for "more learning in schools and less activism".[7] In December student strikes continued at least in 270 cities[6] in countries including Australia, Austria,[8] Belgium, Canada,[9] the Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Japan, Switzerland,[10][11] the United Kingdom and the United States.[6][12]


Banner reading "Why learn without a future" (Berlin, 25 January 2019)
Placards "Respect existence or expect resistance" and "Change the system, not the climate!"
Placard at a rally at Invalidenpark, Berlin on 8 February 2019
School strike for climate in front of the Parliament House, Helsinki, 11 January 2019

In 2019, strikes were organised again in the countries listed above and were organised for the first time in other countries, notably: Colombia, New Zealand and Uganda.[13]

The largest mass strikes to date happened on 17-18 January, when at least 45,000 students came out to protest in Switzerland and Germany alone, against insufficient policies on global warming.[14][15][16]

Belgian environment minister for Flanders Joke Schauvliege resigned on 5 February 2019 after falsely claiming the state security agency had evidence that the school strikes in Belgium were a "set‑up".[17]

In early February 2019, 350 Dutch scientists signed an open letter in support of the school strikes in the Netherlands. The letter reads "On the basis of the facts supplied by climate science, the campaigners are right. That is why we, as scientists, support them."[18]

In England, on the 13 February 2019, following the open letters supporting Extinction Rebellion in 2018, 224 academics signed an open letter giving their "full support to the students" attending the school strike for climate action.[19][20]

Climate scientist Stefan Rahmstorf, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, addressed a Fridays for Future climate strike in Potsdam, Germany on 15 February 2019.[21]

Nationwide strikes in the UK, expected in more than 30 locations[22] on Friday 15 February,[19][23] saw more than 60 actions in towns and cities, with an estimated 15,000 taking part.[24]

Friday 15 March is expected to be the most widespread of strikes, with tens of thousands of children in at least two dozen countries and nearly 30 US states projected to walk out of school, supported by of some of the world’s biggest environmental groups.[25][26]

By country[edit]

List of student strikes for climate action
Country Cities Date Participants Comments
Sweden Stockholm 20 August 2018 1 Daily until 9 September 2018, then every Friday, started by Greta Thunberg[1]
Netherlands The Hague 4 September 2018 1-4 participants, Daily until 21 September 2018, in front of the House of Representatives[27][need quotation to verify]
Netherlands Zeist 21 September 2018 1 10-year-old Lilly Platt has been on strike with Thunberg[28] and criticised the Australian prime minister.[29]
Australia multiple 28 November 2018 1700 Participants includued 200 outside parliament in Canberra. Australian Senate had approved motion to support the student action on Nov 27 2018.[30][31]
Australia 30 locations 30 November 2018 15000 Named 'Strike for Climate Action'[7][31] [32]
Canada Vancouver 7 December 2018 50 [9]
England (United Kingdom) London 7 December 2018 12 [33]
Germany Berlin, Göttingen, Hamburg, Kiel, Köln 14 December 2018 Several dozens of participants in Hamburg, unknown number in other cities. Named Fridays for Future: Klimastreik[34]
Switzerland Zurich 14 December 2018 500 [35][need quotation to verify]
USA New York 14 December 2018 1 US student Alexandria Villasenor begins weekly Friday picketing at the United Nations[36] [37]
Switzerland Basel, Bern, St. Gallen, Zürich 21 December 2018 4000 Named Klimastreik in German and grève du climat in French[10][11][need quotation to verify][35][need quotation to verify]
England (United Kingdom) Corsham 21 December 2018 4 Ellida Dilley was directly inspired by Greta Thunberg[38]
USA CO and NY 4 January 2019 2 Haven Coleman begins Friday protests in Denver and Villasenor continues in NY.[39]
Belgium Brussels 10 January 2019 3000 The Belgium movement 'Youth for Climate' organises strikes on Thursdays [40][need quotation to verify]
Finland Helsinki 11 January 2019 "Hundreds" of participants. Named Ilmastolakko / Klimatstrejk[41][need quotation to verify]
Canada Waterloo 11 January 2019 30 First "Fridays for Future" strike for Waterloo[42]
Scotland (United Kingdom) Fort William 11 January 2019 1 13-year-old Holly Gillibrand is also an Extinction Rebellion activist[43][44][45]
Belgium Brussels and Antwerp 17 January 2019 12750 [46][47][need quotation to verify][48][49]
Switzerland 15 locations 18 January 2019 22000 [14][need quotation to verify][15][need quotation to verify][50][51] Nobel laureate Jacques Dubochet joined the demonstration in Lausanne[15]
Germany 50 locations 18 January 2019 25000 Fridays for future Germany[16]
Belgium Brussels 24 January 2019 35000 [52][need quotation to verify][53][54] Activists gathered around the European Parliament[54]
Switzerland Davos 25 January 2019 30 With Greta Thunberg, who was invited to the World Economic Forum[55][56][need quotation to verify]
Germany Berlin 25 January 2019 15000 Fridays for future Germany[57][need quotation to verify][58][need quotation to verify]
Belgium Liège, Brussels, Leuven, Charleroi, Chimay, Tournai 31 January 2019 33000 The city of Liège supports it and accepts absence of students on this day[59][need quotation to verify]
Germany 25 locations 1 February 2019 12000 [60][need quotation to verify]Fridays for future Germany
Switzerland 13 locations 2 February 2019 65000 [61][62][need quotation to verify][63][need quotation to verify] Demonstration on Saturday, organised by the 'Climate Strike' movement
Netherlands The Hague, Groningen 7 February 2019 10000 [64][need quotation to verify][65][need quotation to verify]
Belgium Leuven, Brussels, Arlon, Antwerp, Kortrijk, Hasselt, Herve, Mons, Liège 7 February 2019 20000 [66][need quotation to verify]
Germany 50 locations 8 February 2019 21000 [67][need quotation to verify][68][need quotation to verify][69][need quotation to verify][70][71][need quotation to verify]
Austria Salzburg 8 February 2019 100 [72][need quotation to verify]
France Nantes 8 February 2019 150 First school strike for climate in France[73][74]
Ireland Dublin 13 February 2019 400 Organised by sixth-class students from Donabate Portrane Educate Together[75]
Netherlands Multiple cities 14 February 2019 100-500 participants, Both high-school students and undergraduate students participating. Weekly in Amsterdam, Nijmegen and Groningen [76][need quotation to verify][77][need quotation to verify]
Belgium Brussels 14 February 2019 11000 [78]
France Paris 15 February 2019 1000 [79]First school strike for climate in Paris[80]
UK 60 locations 15 February 2019 15000 [24] Coordinated by Youth Strike 4 Climate[81]
USA Denver, CO, Tisbury MA, New York 15 February 2019 9 In NY, Villasenor joined by other students for first time; In CO Coleman continues solo strikes.[39][25] In Tisbury MA, brothers Runar Finn (11) and Odin Robinson (9).[82]

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Notes and references[edit]

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