Schoolboy Blues

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"Schoolboy Blues" is a 1970 song by The Rolling Stones, commonly recognized by the name "Cocksucker Blues". The song is a parody of Dr. John's "The Lonesome Guitar Strangler", released on his 1969 album Babylon. It was written and played by Mick Jagger to be the Stones' final single for Decca Records. The Stones were leaving Decca and starting their own record label, but Decca claimed they were owed one more single under their contract. So the Stones delivered this song, with its context and language chosen specifically to anger Decca executives; there are explicit references to fellatio and anal sex in the lyrics. Decca refused to issue the song on an album, although about 100 promotional 12" singles of it were pressed in the United States.

Decca retaliated by releasing an album called Stone Age, which was a compilation of previous Stones songs for Decca. The band was very angry, feeling this 'new' album would cut into sales of their forthcoming album on their own label. The Stones denounced this album publicly, but it still went on to be a top-ten hit in Britain.