Schoolroom Glacier

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Schoolroom Glacier
Schoolroom Glacier from Hurricane Pass.jpg
Schoolroom Glacier at right from Hurricane Pass. Below the glacier is a proglacial lake impounded by lateral and terminal moraines left behind by the retreat of the glacier
Map showing the location of Schoolroom Glacier
Map showing the location of Schoolroom Glacier
Schoolroom Glacier
Type Mountain/Hanging glacier
Coordinates 43°43′33″N 110°50′56″W / 43.72583°N 110.84889°W / 43.72583; -110.84889Coordinates: 43°43′33″N 110°50′56″W / 43.72583°N 110.84889°W / 43.72583; -110.84889[1]
Area 2 acres (0.0081 km2)
Length 325 ft (100 m)
Terminus Moraine/Talus slope
Status Retreating

Schoolroom Glacier is a small glacier in Grand Teton National Park in the U.S. state of Wyoming.[2] This Teton Range glacier lies adjacent to the south Cascade Canyon trail at an altitude of 10,400 ft (3,200 m), approximately 12 mi (19 km) from the trailhead at Jenny Lake. The glacier has many of the classic textbook details of a glacier, namely, well defined terminal and lateral moraines, crevasses, a proglacial lake and related features which led to the naming schoolroom.

As is true for a vast majority of glaciers worldwide, Schoolroom Glacier has been in a state of retreat for many decades, and if current climatic conditions persist, the glacier is anticipated to disappear by the year 2030, if not sooner.

Schoolroom Glacier


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