List of schools in Tamworth, New South Wales

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The following is a list of Schools in Tamworth, New South Wales.

Government Schools[edit]

School Suburb Years Coed Founded Enrolment Website
Bullimbal Special School North Tamworth K-12 Coeducational website
Farrer Memorial Agricultural High School Calala 7-12 Boys Only 1939[1] 598[2] website
Hillvue Public School Hillvue K-6 Coeducational 341[3] website
Nemingha Public School Nemingha K-6 Coeducational 1877[4] 160[5] website
Oxley High School North Tamworth 7-12 Coeducational 1150[6] website
Oxley Vale Public School Oxley Vale K-6 Coeducational 1947[7] 301 [8] website
Parry School West Tamworth 7-12 Coeducational 15[9] website
Peel High School Coledale 7-12 Coeducational 400+ website
Tamworth High School South Tamworth 7-12 Coeducational 685 website
Tamworth Public School East Tamworth K-6 Coeducational 1855 [10] 621 website
Tamworth South Public School South Tamworth K-6 Coeducational 1952 [11] 735 website
Tamworth West Public School West Tamworth K-6 Coeducational 1883 145[12] website
Westdale Public School Westdale K-6 Coeducational 1913, rebuilt 1993 367 [13] website

Non-Government Schools[edit]

School Suburb Years System Coed Founded Enrolment Website
Calrossy Anglican School - Brisbane Street Campus Secondary Girls East Tamworth 7-12 Independent Girls Only 1919[14] 450[15] website
Calrossy Anglican School - William Cowper Campus Secondary Boys North Tamworth 7-12 Independent Anglican Boys only
Calrossy Anglican School - William Cowper Campus Primary North Tamworth K-6 Independent Anglican Coeducational 275 [16]
Carinya Christian School Calala K-12 Independent Coeducational 1985 600 website
McCarthy Catholic College North Tamworth 7-12 Catholic Coeducational 2000 852[17] website
St. Edward's Catholic School South Tamworth K-6 Catholic Coeducational 1970 [18] 535 [19]
St. Joseph's Catholic School West Tamworth K-6 Catholic Coeducational 134[20]
St Mary's Campus of St Nicholas School Oxley Vale K-6 Catholic Coeducational
St. Nicholas Catholic School East Tamworth K-6 Catholic Coeducational