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A green schoolyard at PS 19 Asher Levy School in New York City.

A schoolyard or school campus is the region within the boundaries of a school used for teaching, extracurricular activities and other aspects of daily life at school. Schoolyards often have an entrance guarded by a security guard.

However, some schools do not use a wall to indicate the range of the schoolyard, in these cases the general activities of teaching and after-school activities can also be called campus life and "schoolyard" or "campus" often is used as a synonym for school life.

The term also may refer to only the outdoor portion of a campus, distinguished from classroom space.[1] In this context, the schoolyard may be used as a teaching space to instruct students about ecological systems.[1] In recent years there has been a growing movement around the world to create "green" schoolyards that incorporate learning gardens, storm water capture elements, and other natural features that promote environmental literacy.[2]


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