TATA Steel Stadion

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Telstar Stadion
Tata Steel Stadium Zwarts & Jansma architects.jpg
Location Velsen-Zuid, Netherlands
Capacity 3,060
Opened 1948 (1948)

Telstar Stadion (also known as the TATA Steel Stadion (but that isn't it anymore), and (Sportpark) Schoonenberg Stadion [Dutch pronunciation: [ˈsχoʊ̯.nə(m).ˌbɛrχ ˈstaː.di.ˌjɔn]]) is the home ground of the Dutch first-division football team Telstar. It is located in Velsen-Zuid, approximately 25 kilometers west of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It was opened in 1948, with minor renovations in 1999.

The stadium, with a capacity of 3.060, consists of an all-seater east stand, a small terraced south stand, and an all-seater west stand. on the south stand are no seats. The latter stand was built in 2009 and has several built-in features, including new changing rooms, offices, and improved sponsor seating.

Coordinates: 52°27′18″N 4°38′06″E / 52.45500°N 4.63500°E / 52.45500; 4.63500