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Location Schotten, Germany
Time zone GMT +1 (DST: GMT +2)
Coordinates 50°29′51″N 9°7′6″E / 50.49750°N 9.11833°E / 50.49750; 9.11833Coordinates: 50°29′51″N 9°7′6″E / 50.49750°N 9.11833°E / 50.49750; 9.11833
Opened 1925
Closed 1956
Major events Grand Prix motorcycle racing

The Schottenring was a motorsport race track situated near Schotten in the Vogelsbergkreis of Hesse, between Fulda and Gießen. After Nürburgring, Schleizer Dreieck, Solituderennen and AVUS, it was one of Germany's oldest race tracks, inaugurated on 22 July 1925.

The German motorcycle Grand Prix, part of Grand Prix motorcycle racing World Championship, was held here in 1953. Only the smaller 125cc and 250cc races counted towards the WC, though, as the track was criticized for being too dangerous.

Racing was discontinued after 1956, but rallies and classic bikes events are still held on a shortened version.

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