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Map of the district, 1900. "Schous Plads" (archaic spelling) is near the right edge.

Schous plass (lit. "Schou's Square") is a square placed in the south of the borough Grünerløkka in Oslo, Norway.


The area belonged to Aker municipality until 1858, when it was incorporated into Christiania (Oslo).[1] It was laid out in 1873, and got its name in 1874. Its namesake was brewery owner Christian Schou, who died in the same year.[2] Not far away, at the property Schousløkken in the street Trondheimsveien, he had established production facilities of his beer brewery Schous Bryggeri between 1872 and 1874.[3][4] A park was established at the square between 1915 and 1916, and renovated in 1986.[2]

Schous plass 1.

The square is surrounded by four streets and buildings. The local library, administratively a satellite of the Deichman Library, was raised here between 1912 and 1914. A building for the Norwegian School of Marketing (Norwegian: Norges Markedshøyskole) was erected between 1989 and 1990.[2] This institution was incorporated into the Norwegian School of Management in 1992, an institution which had its headquarters in Sandvika at the time, and only a satellite at Schous plass. The Norwegian School of Management concentrated its Oslo and Sandvika institutions into one school at Nydalen in 2005.[5] Among the most notable residents of the buildings at Schous plass are a young adult Edvard Munch, who lived at the address Schous plass 1 from 1885 to 1889.[2]


Schous plass
Location Grünerløkka, Oslo
Coordinates 59°55′15″N 10°45′34″E / 59.9208°N 10.7594°E / 59.9208; 10.7594

Grünerløkka–Torshov Line

11 12 13 

Schous plass is a light rail station on the Grünerløkka–Torshov Line of the Oslo Tramway. It is served by lines 11, 12 and 13.[6] The square is not directly served by bus.


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Schous plass NEXT STATION
Majorstuen Nybrua Line 11 Olaf Ryes plass Kjelsås
Majorstuen Line 12 Kjelsås
Jar Line 13 Grefsen

Coordinates: 59°55′14″N 10°45′37″E / 59.9206°N 10.7602°E / 59.9206; 10.7602