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Schreiner is a family name of German origin.


Schreiner  is an occupational surname and refers to a woodworker and often more specifically to a maker of fine woodwork; thus it translates to English as "joiner", "cabinetmaker", or (most broadly) "carpenter". Thus, for example, a German man of the Middle Ages named Johann Schreiner was literally "John the cabinetmaker", which differentiated him from other local men also named Johann, such as Johann Bäcker (John the baker) or Johann Weißkopf (White-haired John).

Some English spelling variations of the name are Shreiner, Schriner, and Shriner. (In the case of the Shriners organization, however, the name came from the English word shrine in the organization's full title, rather than through any founder surnamed Shriner.)

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