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Schriever Air Force Base
Air Force Space Command.png
Part of Air Force Space Command (AFSPC)
Located near: Colorado Springs, Colorado
2 SOPS space systems operator 040205-F-0000C-001.jpg
Senior Airman Nayibe Ramos runs through a checklist during Global Positioning System satellite operations in 2004.
Schriever AFB is located in Colorado
Schriever AFB
Schriever AFB
Coordinates38°48′12″N 104°31′32″W / 38.80333°N 104.52556°W / 38.80333; -104.52556 (Schriever AFB)Coordinates: 38°48′12″N 104°31′32″W / 38.80333°N 104.52556°W / 38.80333; -104.52556 (Schriever AFB)
TypeAir Force Base
Site information
Controlled by United States Air Force
Site history
In use1985-present
Garrison information
Garrison50th Space Wing.png 50th Space Wing

Schriever Air Force Base (Schriever AFB) is a base of the United States Air Force located approximately 10 miles (16 kilometers) east of Peterson Air Force Base near Colorado Springs in El Paso County, Colorado, United States.


This Air Force Base is named in honor of General Bernard Adolph Schriever, who pioneered in the development of the American ballistic missile programs. It is the home of the 50th Space Wing of the Air Force Space Command, and this base provides command and control for over 170[1] Department of Defense warning, navigational, and communications satellites. Also housed at Schriever AFB are the Missile Defense Integration and Operations Center and the U.S. Air Force Warfare Center. Building 400 at Schriever AFB is the main control point for the Global Positioning System (GPS).[2] Schriever AFB is manned by more than 8100 active duty and guard/reserve personnel, civilian employees, and contractors.[3][4]


Source: USAF Schriever AFB[5]


Source: USAF Schriever AFB[12]

Groundbreaking for what would become Schriever Air Force Base took place in May 1983. It was originally called the Consolidated Space Operations Center (CSOC) during the development phase, and was renamed Falcon Air Force Station upon becoming operational. In July 1985, the 2nd Space Wing was activated at Peterson AFB and in September 1985, the organization relocated to Falcon Air Force Station (now Schriever Air Force Base), and 230 Air Force members, civilian employees, and contractors moved into its 12 new buildings. This wing took operational control of the Air Force Satellite Control Network in a phased system turn over that began in October 1987 and lasted several years.[13]

In June 1988, Falcon Air Force Station was redesignated Falcon Air Force Base. On 30 January 1992 the 2nd Space Wing inactivated and the 50th Tactical Fighter Wing, redesignated as the 50th Space Wing, activated at Falcon AFB.

On 5 June 1998, Falcon Air Force Base was renamed Schriever Air Force Base in honor of the retired General Bernard Adolph Schriever, who pioneered in the development of the American ballistic missile programs. Schriever AFB is the only Air Force base that was named for an Air Force veteran who was living at the time. General Schriever died June 20, 2005.

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