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Schuberth GmbH is a German producer of safety helmets, producing combat helmets for Bundeswehr, protective headgear for Formula One, motorcycles and industrial workers. The company was founded in 1922 in Braunschweig, in Lower Saxony, and has been producing safety helmets for 90 years.[1] Schuberth is currently based in Magdeburg and employs about 300 employees, producing 1.5 million helmets each year.[1]

Schuberth produces motorcycle helmets designed specifically for aerodynamic performance,[2] and produces the helmets BMW Motorrad supplies under their own name.[3] Schuberth first entered Formula One in 2000 using the QF1 helmet worn by Nick Heidfeld, after designing a safer helmet in response to Michael Schumacher's accident at the 1999 British Grand Prix.[4] The helmet, which was lighter than others at the time and featured filters to remove fumes and dust from the air, was taken by more drivers including then World Champion Michael Schumacher, and was gradually developed into the current RF1 model.[4] Currently, Schuberth helmets are used by Fernando Alonso, Nico Hülkenberg, Felipe Massa, Nico Rosberg and Susie Wolff.[5] Schuberth designs all current helmets in their own wind tunnel facilities, to enable maximum aerodynamic efficiency, and employs Michael Schumacher as a consultant for motorcycle helmet design.[2] NASCAR drivers Danica Patrick and Jimmie Johnson also use Schuberth helmets, theirs being variations on the designs used for F1 drivers.[6]

Schuberth produces helmets for a variety of industrial purposes, including ballistic protection for soldiers, protection for firefighters and construction workers, producing full face helmets and head protection. The company also produces personal protective equipment, such as facial protection, ear defenders and cold weather equipment.[7]


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