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Genre Comedy
Created by Bora Dağtekin
Mathias Dinter (de)
Starring Birthe Wolter
Simone Hanselmann
Laura Osswald
Jessica Franz
Saskia de Lando
Marie Rönnebeck
Opening theme Pilot: No Angels100% Emotional
Season 1: No DoubtHey Baby
Season 2: Schulmädchen – Hook Me Up
Country of origin Germany
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 15
Running time 25 minutes
Original network RTL
Original release May 31, 2002 – 2005

Schulmädchen (German for schoolgirls) is a comedy series aired on RTL Television in Germany beginning in 2002. A total of fifteen episodes have been produced as of 2005. While the show's title translates to "school girls", and is a clear reference to Schulmädchen-Report, a series of soft core porn movies made in Germany in the 1970s, the show itself is a parody of imported American teen dramas such as the 1989 movie Heathers and television series Beverly Hills, 90210, which have long been popular in Germany.

The show follows the adventures of a group of pushy, wealthy teenage girls at the fictitious Franz Josef Strauss-Gymnasium in Munich. (Several of Strauss' descendants have protested the use of his name on the show.)

The show stars Birthe Wolter as Laura, Laura Osswald as Cara, Simone Hanselmann as Stella and Arzu Bazman as Ramona. The show's theme song is "Hey Baby" by No Doubt.


Season 1[edit]

Number of episode Number of season Title (original) Title (English) Original air date
1 0 Pilot Pilot March 31, 2002
2 1 Größer ist besser Bigger is better January 30, 2004
3 2 Der Duft der Frauen The scent of the womans February 6, 2004
4 3 Drei sind einer zu viel Three are one to many February 13, 2004
5 4 Ruf! Mich! An! Call me! February 20, 2004
6 5 Die Qual der Wahl Spoilt for choice February 27, 2004
7 6 Der Käfermann The beetle man February 27, 2004

Season 2[edit]

Number of episode Number of season Title (original) Title (English) Original air date
8 1 Die Schulmutti The school mom July 29, 2005
9 2 Chromosom XY ungelöst Chromosome XY unresolved July 29, 2005
10 3 Poolboys & Sextoys Poolboys & Sextoys August 5, 2005
11 4 Geiz ist geil Greed is great August 5, 2005
12 5 Hilfe, ich bin lesbisch Help, I'm a Lesbian August 12, 2005
13 6 Teppichluder Carpet bitch August 12, 2005
14 7 Method Acting Method Acting August 19, 2005
15 8 Sexdiät Sex diet August 12, 2005

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