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Schurter Holding AG
Private Limited Liability Corporation
Industry Electronic Components
Founded 1933, incorporated 1949[1]
Headquarters Incorporation: Lucerne, Switzerland
Key people
Hans-Rudolph Schurter, President; Anton Lauber, Chairman of the Board and CEO; Bruno Schurter, Vice President
Products Fuses, Varistors, Connectors, EMC Products, Power Entry Modules, Circuit Breakers for Equipment, Switches, Keypads
Revenue Increase210.7 million CHF (2007)[1]
Increase7.4 million CHF (2007)[1]
Number of employees
>1600 (2007)[1]

The Schurter Group of companies is a privately held global network of manufacturing and distribution companies providing electromechanical and electronic components worldwide. Headquartered in Switzerland, the Group includes manufacturing facilities in Switzerland, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, India, and China; distribution facilities in the UK, the US, Singapore in a total of over 14 countries.


The Schurter Group was founded in Lucerne in 1933 by Heinrich Schurter with funding from his mother and mother-in-law, during the time of the Great Depression. The company got its start producing fuse cartridges, screw heads and set screws. Heinrich's son Rolf joined the company in the 1940s to help manage the accounting and bookkeeping. Fuseholders were added to the product line in 1944, and the company's first catalog was printed. During the 1940s Schurter products began to be listed in reseller's catalogs. The company moved to its current facilities established at Werkhofstrasse 8 in 1948. The company was transformed into a limited liability company in 1949. In 1964 the company had grown to 194 employees. By 1968, component sales amounted to two-thirds of Schurter's business due to increasing exports. Hienrich Schurter died that year. Schurter GmbH was established in Endingen, Germany in 1971 under Managing Director Kaspar Egli, who came from Lucerne to run the business.

The global recession of 1975 affected Schurter, and the company was forced to abandon the fuse cartridge and screw business. In 1981 Bruno Schurter established Schurter, Inc. in California.[2] By 1984 more than two-thirds of sales from Switzerland were exported to other countries. Rolf's son Hans-Rudolph, the current President of the company, joined in 1986. In the following year, Rolf Schurter turned management of the company over to Hans-Rudolph Schurter. In 1990, all activities were consolidated under the umbrella of Schurter Holding AG. This move facilitated the series of acquisitions that are still taking place today. In that year Schurter SSRO was established in the Czech Republic to expand production of power entry module products.


  • 1991 Cehess SA, France
  • 1996 Schurter Weber Protection AG[3]
  • 1997 Micron Guard, Inc., US.[4]
  • 1998 Rendar, UK[5]
  • 1999 Ghielmetti AG
  • 2001 Meierhofer AG[6]
  • 2003 Timonta AG
  • 2005 Otto Heil, Germany[7]
  • 2007 Ticomel AG[8]


Schurter products include:

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