Schwarzer Mann

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Schwarzer Mann
Highest point
Elevation 697.3 m (2,288 ft)
Prominence c. 100 m
Coordinates 50°15′17″N 6°21′33″E / 50.25472°N 6.35917°E / 50.25472; 6.35917
Location Schnee Eifel, Eifel, Germany

Schwarzer Mann (meaning "Black Man") is a mountain in the western part of the Eifel which is known as Schnee Eifel. With a height of 697.3 m it is the highest peak in the Schnee Eifel and third highest in the Eifel. The surrounding of Schwarzer Mann is a well-developed hiking area and the largest skiing area in Rhineland-Palatinate. The 15 km long ridge of Schwarzer Mann consists of quartzite.

The heavily wooded mountain ridge is covered mainly with spruces and is host to some rare wild animals including the wildcat.


The name of the mountain is derived from the nearby abandoned lead ore mine in Bleialf from which the miners would return with blackened faces.

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